Our Students' September Math Achievements

Oct 10, 2016 | The Woodlands

Congratulation to the following students for their math achievements in September. Thank you for sharing your acheivments with us!

  • Alicia Kennedy, 100% on Scientific Notation test, 92% on Function test
  • Stacey Love, 99% on Equations test.
  • Koushik Musaboyin, A on three digit addition test.
  • Presley Page, 100% on Multiplication quiz.
  • Nishant Palasamdram, 95% on Rational/Irrational number test.
  • Sruthi Page, 100% on Divisability test.
  • Abiskek Rathnakumar, 95% on Math test.
  • Samantha Sardina, 91% on Order of Operations, Solving quations test. 94% on Polynomial test.
  • Jacob Sutton, 95% on Operations on Intergers. 106% on Simplifying Algebraic expressions.
  • Diane Shearer, 88% on math progress report.
  • Jet Thayer, 100% on Decimal test.


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