Does Your Child Speak Math? Mathnasium of Thousand Oaks Will Make Them Fluent In This Vital Language.

Jan 13, 2021 | Thousand Oaks

How many languages does your child speak?  Follow up question: Is math one of them?

You might think we're being facetious, but here are three reasons why learning math is more like learning a language than you think.

1.  Learning math and learning a language both require regular practice & hard work.  Ever tried to learn Spanish in a weekend?  Wanted to be fluent in Chinese but weren't willing to study?  Right, that sounds preposterous!  

Unfortunately, math students often try to cram in concepts over a weekend or avoid regular study and practice and expect to be successful.  The result is the same as it is in language learning--mastery never happens!

2.  Mastering math or a new language always involves the willingness to get uncomfortable (a little bit at a time).

TED's article "How to Learn a New Language: 7 Secrets From TED Translators" points out that, "One of the most common barriers to conversing in a new language is the fear of making mistakes." And goes on to share the advice of first practicing conversation with a native speaking toddler, and gradually increasing age as you get more skilled in the language.  

This recommendation is right in line with Mathnasium of Thousand Oaks's philosophy.  Our math tutors (instructors) help students approach and work on math weaknesses without overwhelming them.  Our math students take one step past their comfort level gain confidence, and then repeat.

3.  Math & language skills open doors.  There is no doubt about it.  Middlebury Language School shares a detailed list of opportunities gained by multilingual people including better career choices and new friendships.  

The list of math benefits are vast and meaningful.  Stanford University recently put out a study that highlights two:

  • Early numerical abilities provide the foundation for future academic achievement.
  • Math skills translate to better paying careers in an increasingly technological society.

Whether or not your child settles near Thousand Oaks or moves abroad; parents, teachers and Mathnasium instructors alike share the common goal of making sure quality options are available when the time comes to make a career choice for your child.

The takeaway:

  • Don't think of math as something you can dip your toe into and master.  Dive in deep!  
  • Don't be afraid to get uncomfortable learning math.  Mistakes are part of the journey.  Baby steps (small, realistic challenges) over time will take you further than you can imagine.
  • Expect opportunities in exchange for your hard work & perseverance.

Mathnasium of Thousand Oaks is the community leader in building algebra, geometry, arithmetic, calculus, and other math skills.  Call us to get your child expert help today.