3 Reasons Mathnasium Instructors Can Help Your Child

Oct 3, 2020 | Walnut Creek

With unemployment rates skyrocketing, we're grateful to hang on to our all-star math tutors here at Mathnasium.

Here are 3 reasons our seasoned staff can offer superb math help to your child when others fall short.

1. Our math tutors speak multiple "math languages", meaning that they will explain math to your child in the way it makes sense to them! Every child has a unique learning style, it's crucial to know how to connect.

2. Our math tutors won't "spoon feed" your child the answers (that doesn't create a learning environment). They ask the right questions and turn the search for answers inward, guiding students to their own aha-moments and building self-confidence.

3. Our math tutors' care-factors are through the roof! Mathnasium is not just a job--it's a place of fulfillment. Watch this short interview to see what Anna likes most about working at Mathnasium.