Is Your Child Struggling With Math? (Here's What You Can Do About It)

Feb 12, 2021 | Walnut Creek

Does your child struggle with math? 

"I hated seeing my son's frustration and feelings of inferiority when it came to math" -B. P. (Father)

Lots of parents echo this sentiment. How is your child doing in math? Are there math concepts that seem to be confusing them?


Square roots?


Is there something that could change math concepts they hate into math concepts they master and now love?

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Well, yes, actually. There is. And it's pretty simple, we call it the Mathnasium Method

Imagine your child coming into an assessment with a Mathnasium Instructor, who is particularly trained to turn math confusion into math proficiency. The first step would be this:

1. Establish the areas of uncertainty. At Mathnasium of Walnut Creek, we will find the exact concepts that are lacking in your child's math comprehension. The National Council of Teachers of Mathmatics found that an initial assessment is crucial in designing the right lesson plan for any student. For this example let's use long division as the concept your child needs help with...

2. Teach a Guided Lesson. Your Mathnasium Instructor will then model how to solve a long division problem and answer any questions your student may have. At Mathnasium of Walnut Creek, we understand that every child is different, so your student can practice with whatever level of assistance that is required.

3. Independant Practice. Now your student tries to solve their own long division problem, taking all the time (and none of the pressure) they need. This allows time for the student to gain confidence in his/her ability to solve problems without help. Students exploring for themselves is at the very core of learning. You can read more about the benefits of independant practice here. 

Remember that Father from the beginning? The Father who hated seeing his son confused? Well, he started bringing his son to Mathnasium, and here is what he says now:

"My son has improved tremendously! His foundation has been strengthened, and he feels equipped to be successful in math." -B. P.

There is something parents can do to help their children understand (and even enjoy) math. Want an inside view of what Mathnasium can do for your child? Check it out here!

Let's enroll your student today :)