Open, close, open, matter what schools do, Mathnasium is here!

Oct 27, 2020 | Walnut Creek

School closures are piling up as COVID counts breach the threshholds set by districts. Keeping track of students around the country bouncing back and forth from online to in-school feels like watching a ping pong match.

What kids need (more than ever) is a thread of consistency. Does it make sense to pull your child out of school and go 100% online? 

One hurdle students are experiencing is engaging in online instruction. A brand new poll from Common Sense Media discovered, "47% of public school students, say they haven't attended a single online or virtual class." <--Wow!  That's a big deal.

One can't help but wonder if kids and teens are generally not disciplined enough to take responsibility for their own learning. They need hands on encouragement; another human being to hold them accountable.

Mathnasium has been, is and will be here to answer the call. Our instructors are ready to engage with your child online or in-center through the pandemic. If your child has lost math skills, our instructor's will meet them at their level and fill in the gaps. 

Mathnasium is here to give your child just what they need through COVID and beyond.