The Before & After Effect Mathnasium Had on Rafael (self-portrait included)

Dec 29, 2020 | Walnut Creek

New Years is upon us...which means we are all about to get flooded with "before and after" weightloss pictures:) Today we want to share a self-portrait of one of Mathnasium's own students in the same before-and-after format and the story behind it.

Rafael came to us in January of 2020 as a struggling math student, so frustrated with previous math failures he experienced anxiety at the mere thought of taking a math test. Rafael shares that attending a math learning center "sounded like a big punishment, and I thought it wouldn't help me get better at math anyway. I thought I would always be bad at math." Rafael is one of thousands of kids who has endured negative (even traumatic) experiences with math.

Mathnasium boldly declares that math can make sense! As difficult as it is for parents and struggling math students to believe math success is attainable, we at Mathnasium have seen so many students improve in math (both in math skills and attitude) we refute the claim that a child just won't ever "get" math.

Rafael now gushes that math is his second favorite subject in school (art will forever hold the first place). There is no magic behind the Mathnasium Method. We assess math skills, fill in the gaps with world renowned curriculum and instructors, then reassess and repeat. Our reward system helps motivate students and contributes to a jovial atmosphere. Mathnasium memberships offer flexible session times and consistent instruction so that students receive regular instruction (cramming for tests just doesn't work).

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