The Table Is Set for Math Goals to Be Reached in 2021

Dec 30, 2020 | Walnut Creek

Thanks for sticking with Mathnasium to serve your family through a difficult year!  Pre-pandemic, mid-pandemic and post-pandemic, Mathnasium is here to stay.  Our team is prepared to work against the COVID-slide and bring struggling math students up to speed in 2021.  We have phenomenal online and in-center instruction available, so you take your pick!  


Check out what Mrs. Ford has to say about her experience bringing her daughter to Mathnasium:


"I took my 8th grade daughter to Mathnasium starting last summer.  She needed major math help.  She remained in the program after the summer session was over. Her confidence has gone up so much about math. When she first started, she complained about going; after a couple months, she started asking to attend more days. It's not a quick fix, however, I do see major improvement in her math grades. We tried Sylvan Learning Center prior to Mathnasium. Sylvan was excellent for reading, but Mathnasium is the place for MATH!!" 


Call us, and we'll take care of your child's math needs.  We've done it for hundreds of students and look forward to making math make sense for hundreds more to come!