What Happens if Schools Close Again?

Sep 11, 2020 | Walnut Creek

The decision is largely left up to 14,204 school districts to open, offer online or a hybrid model of school is impacting 57 million students.  

Parents are at the edge of their seats, ready to flip schedules if COVID spikes high enough.  Will I get a phone call that my child's school is closing again?  What are the CDC School Guidelines? Is my child better off learning online or at home?  Are teachers at high risk? Is my child safe? When will we have a vaccine?!! EVERYTHING IS UP IN THE AIR.

Well, almost everything. Mathnasium has consistently been there for your child. Same great instructors, same proven method, either online or in-person. Count on us to support your child's math success regardless of the unknowns swirling around us.