What Parents Are Saying About Mathnasium!

Aug 10, 2021 | Walnut Creek

How do we know we’re doing a good job at Mathnasium? Testimonials. Thousands and thousands of them. Moms and Dads from all over the world write testimonials about their experience at Mathnasium.

After sifting through them for hours, we began to notice something… There are some common threads that keep appearing in the testimonials…… which prompted us to write this blog. Mathnasium of Walnut Creek is proud to offer you:


1. During the pandemic, Mathnasium centers all over helped kids stay on track with their Math education. Parents expressed lots of gratitude to innovative instructors who taught remotely.

“Mathnasium has done an excellent job of continuing to provide the same level of interaction, challenge and service online, as it did in-person. All of the employees are punctual, friendly, positive, and fun. The experience online is just as interactive and personalized as it was in person! Well done!” - J. T.

“Zachariah has improved immensely in his mathematics, thanks to Mathnasium. He struggled during COVID-19 from classes online, but his grades improved significantly after he started taking classes at Mathnasium. Mathnasium rocks!!!” - D. S.

Keeping kids engaged in their math education is especially vital now. According to Curriculum Associates, the “unfinished teaching and learning” due to COVID-19 has resulted in dramatic learning loss. “Fewer students are on grade level in mathematics in all grades, particularly in elementary and early middle school grades.” To learn more, click here.

2. Mathnasium gets kids interested in Math. Have a reluctant mathematician? They might not be averse to math, just confused.

“Mathnasium has made a believer outta me. My middle schooler hated math and now looks forward to it. Seeing her get excited to go, even after a full day of school, is unreal.” - K. E.

3. Our most common result is CONFIDENCE. In fact, that word practically dances around every testimonial.

“My son has improved tremendously, he’s more confident and his self-esteem has improved. I hated seeing his frustration and feelings of inferiority when it came to math; he still encounters frustration but now he doesn’t feel hopeless. His foundation has been strengthened and he feels equipped to be successful at math.” - P. O.

Math parents

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