Dates For Resumption of In-Center Instruction

Jun 11, 2021 | Westfield

Based on the responses of the survey we sent out in the past week, we have planned our in-center reopenings as follows. Note that students who want to continue their sessions online may do so (as per the online hours detailed on our website here).

Center Location: Reopening Date:
Summit Monday, June 14
Livingston Monday, June 21
Westfield Monday, June 28
Chatham Tuesday, July 6


We will keep you updated on the scheduled date for resumption of in-center instruction at our Basking Ridge location - as of now, we are planning for a date around the 3rd week of July. Students enrolled at Mathnasium of Basking Ridge are welcome to attend in-center sessions at any of our other 4 locations for the time being.

For students who wish to attend in-center, we will resume drop-in hours from 3pm–7pm Monday through Thursday. If you would like to attend in-center, you must let us know ahead of time what date your student's first in-center session will be so that we can prepare their materials for in-center use accordingly. After this first scheduled session, your student may attend on a drop-in basis. Please give us a call at 973-377-6284 to schedule your first in-center session.

Key points for students attending in-center (subject to change based on CDC guidelines as well as local, state and federal mandates):

  • Students will be asked to wash hands upon entering

  • Students and staff will be required to wear masks within our centers. As children under 12 are not yet able to receive the COVID vaccine, we must maintain this in order to mitigate any risk of spreading illness.

  • Eating and drinking will not be permitted within our centers

  • Parents may drop-off and pickup students outside our centers and must remain outside for the duration of their student’s session. If you wish to speak with our instructional team, you may reach us anytime at our main number: 973-377-6284

  • If students have any symptoms of illness or have had close contact with a person exposed to COVID-19, they should remain at home to complete their session through our online platform instead of attending in-person

  • Please follow timing guidelines for grades 1 through 8 (45-60 minutes), grades 9 through 12 (60-90 minutes) – students who overstay their time may be asked to wait for their parent in the entryway

  • Wishing only to offer our signature flexibility of unscheduled in-person sessions, please understand your student attending in-person may — on rare occasion and at busy times — be assigned to work in-center remotely with our instructors at another location.

Let us know — by phone, text, or email — if you have any further comments, questions or concerns about the long-awaited reopening of our Mathnasium centers.