Interview With A Math Teacher: What Makes A Successful Student?

Jul 30, 2021 | Westlake Village

Today we want to share some great insights from Justin Gillmore, a math teacher of 16 years. In this interview, we asked Mr. Gillmore what makes a successful math student and what parents can do to ensure their student will have a great year. Here we go........

Mathnasium: “Mr. Gillmore, you’ve been teaching a long time. Have you noticed any trends that successful math students have?”

Mr. Gillmore: “Absolutely. Students who do well in math are always confident. It’s not always the naturally-gifted kids that have success, it’s the ones who have confidence that they can figure it out.”

Mathnasium: “How can a parent help their student gain confidence in math?”

Mr. Gillmore: “Great question. Confidence comes with practice. If your student has a safe place to practice math, one where he/she doesn’t feel insecure or embarrassed to make mistakes, that will really help.”

Mathnasium: “Do you recommend tutoring?”

Mr. Gillmore: “Yes! Tutoring is the number one way to create that safe place to practice math. If your student is struggling with math, invest in a tutoring center. It makes a big difference.”

Mathnasium: “Can you spot the students in your class that has had tutoring?”

Mr. Gillmore: “You bet. It usually becomes apparent when a student makes big improvements on their test scores. Another indicator is that the student will participate more in class, like raising their hand and asking questions.”

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