Throw Your Child a Lifeline!

Jul 16, 2021 | Westlake Village

Drowning in Math

Does your child struggle with math?

Is your child unsure about how to do his or her homework?

Does your child feel like they are drowning in confusion and can't keep up?

Let's throw your child a Mathnasium lifeline! 

Mathnasium of Thousand Oaks can be the missing piece to getting your child confident and on track with math. Here's one experience:

"My fourth grade daughter was struggling in math. Homework was piling up around her to the point where she was falling behind. We brought her in for only a month, at the end of the school year- and just in that short amount of time, we saw a great improvement. It was like a light bulb came on in her head. It's worth every penny!"
— Dave K., Parent

The great news is results like these are the norm, not the exception. At Mathnasium of Thousand Oaks, we're helping turn math stress into math success for children all over Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Moorpark, Santa Rosa Valley. Here are the three main areas we've noticed our students improve in:

1. ATTITUDE! When math begins to make sense to a student, that student's attitude becomes positive. After attending Mathnasium, 93% of parents reported their child's attitude about math improved.

2. UNDERSTANDING! We teach for real, meaningful understanding. Instead of rote memorization, we work towards a firm grasp of math concepts. When our students have a real understanding of a math concept, the future concepts are easier for them to learn. After attending Mathnasium, 94% of parents reported their child's understanding of math improved.

3. SCHOOL GRADES! When concepts are mastered at Mathnasium, student's test scores see a big change. After attending Mathnasium, 90% of parents reported their child's grades improved.

Your child doesn't have to feel like they're drowning in a subject they don't understand. Mathnasium can be a lifeline that makes math enjoyable, not frustrating.

If you're ready to throw a math lifeline to your child, sign up now for a Free Assessment . Call us to get your child started 8057778403.