Struggling Students excel in math this year

Aug 26, 2023 | West Wichita

Make this year the year your student gets ahead in math.

Mathnasum is Wichita's Center for math progress this school year.

Did your student struggle with math this year? Did the "State Assessments" show your student is not at grade level in math? Catch up at Mathnasium Now.

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Enroll in the Mathnasium Numerical Fluency program and your student will MASTER Addition and Subtraction Facts now.

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Enroll in the Mathnasium "Multiplication & Division Fluency" program and MASTER multiplication & division facts right now.

Are these skills a mystery to your child? MASTER them now.
  • Fraction concepts and skills
  • Decimal concepts and skills
  • Percentage concepts; basic and advanced
Need homework help in these classes? Get expert help at Mathnasium.
  • Pre-Algebra (Algebra Readiness)
  • High School Algebra 1
  • High School Geometry
  • High School Algebra 2
  • High School Pre-Calc
Need to catch up on last year's math?
  • All elementary and middle school grade levels.
  • Algebra 1 (review and prepare for Algebra 2)
  • High School Geometry
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