Scheduling hints and guidelines for enrolled students

Oct 21, 2023 | West Wichita

Scheduling math sessions is easy and flexible.

If you haven't yet, the first step is to setup your Appointy password. We encourage you to schedule several weeks in advance.  

Scheduling future sessions

To Schedule IN-CENTER sessions use this site.

Finish & Confirm

Once you've selected a date & time, be sure to "CONFIRM" the selection.  If you forget to "confirm", Appointy will get confused. (see remedy below)

No “Same Day” scheduling

You can schedule up to the night before the day of the session. But not the "same" day.

Need a math session TODAY but forgot to schedule it? We want to help. Call or TEXT and we'll try to find an available time.

Canceling sessions.

Its easy to cancel a session on the Appointy site.

No “SAME DAY” Cancelling

Need to cancel a math session THE DAY OF (same day) the session?  Call or TEXT we’ll cancel the session for you.

No Shows (forgot)

If your student doesn’t show for a scheduled session and we don’t hear from you (or you forgot) you will lose the session

If your student can't make it, don't be a 'no-show'.  Reach out to us.


If you're scheduling siblings - look for times with more than one "slot" available.

Appointy “LIMIT” Warning

If you see a message that you've reached your limit, there may be sessions selected but not confirmed. 

To fix this, sign-in to Appointy, look in the top corner at the CART. If there are unconfirmed sessions, either confirm or delete them.

Not sure if you've scheduled a session in the future?

Sign-in, click the menu and find "My Appointments".   If you can't make the session, simply cancel it. Then start over to schedule a new one.

Unused Sessions

Unused sessions do NOT roll-over to the next month.

Schedule reminders: 

You will receive an EMAIL reminder the day before the math session. 

You will also receive a TEXT reminder 3 - 4 hours prior to the session appointment time.


You can share your sign-on info (email / password) with anyone you trust to assist you to schedule math sessions.

If you have questions, call or text us.

Let's make this the best math year ever