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Road Trip Math: Licence Plates and Signs

Jul 26, 2018

It's roadtrip season! At Mathnasium, we don’t want math to be scary—we want it to be fun! Incorporating math games into your daily commute is a fantastic way to keep kids’ skills sharp and make the subject less intimidating. You don’t need a...

Problem of the Week July 26

Jul 26, 2018

Lower Elementary: Question: Alice the librarian has a cart of 3 dozen books to put back on the shelves. She puts 3 of them away before she’s startled by a ghost and runs away. How many books does Alice leave on her cart? Upper Elementary: ...

Middle School Math - Instruction, Tutoring, and Homework Help

Jun 8, 2018

  In Mathnasium of Mira Mesa/Scripps Ranch's middle school math tutoring program, students master computation and problem solving with rational numbers, i.e., fractions, decimals, and percent, as part of the process to successfully achieve Alge...

Problem of the Week June 5

Jun 5, 2018

Lower Elementary: Question: A shark eats 10 fish on Monday, 9 fish on Tuesday, 8 fish on Wednesday, and so on. If the pattern continues, how many fish does the shark eat over the course of 1 whole week?   Upper Elementary: Question: A ...

Problem of the Week May 21

May 21, 2018

Lower Elementary: Question: Each of 4 cats has 4 kittens. Each of the kittens has 10 whiskers. How many kitten whiskers are there? Upper Elementary: Question: Anna has three cats. One is orange, one is brown, and one is white. The white c...

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