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At Mathnasium, we help kids understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. Children who consistently attend sessions at our learning centers enjoy a transformative learning experience and make huge strides in the classroom.

Attitude: When math makes sense, kids develop a more positive attitude toward math.

Understanding: Mathnasium teaches for understanding, giving students the ability to succeed in any math environment. As Larry Martinek, Mathnasium’s Chief Instructional Officer notes, “It's pretty easy to forget things you memorize and near impossible to forget things you understand."

School Progress: When kids learn math in a way that they truly understand, they achieve greater success in the classroom.

See what people say about Mathnasium

What are Mathnasium of Nanuet Students saying about us?  

“The staff at Mathnasium of Nanuet is very easy to work with and are nice. Also are very good at math.” 

Jimmy 10th grade


“I like that we can get specific help in what we need, and get extra practice with PKs.”

Luke 9th grade


“I like that it’s fun and enjoy playing chess.”

          Obinna 10th grade


“The people are nice.”

Riesau 8th grade


“Some of my favorite things about Mathnasium of Nanuet are: 1 on 1 helping (unlike other places), the prizes, the problems of the week, and the drive to work.”

Katchy 7th grade

“Its fun and I feel comfortable with the people teaching me”

Janelle 5th grade


“My favorite thing about Mathnasium is the help that I get when I don’t understand something”

Brandon 8th grade


“My favorite thing about Mathnasium is learning how to do new things and improving my math skills”

Cameron 8th grade


““My favorite thing about Mathnasium is the learning experience and the reward system”

Jordan 8th grade


“I like the people and it’s a nice environment”

Ronaldo 8th grade


“It’s really easy to understand. The staff is really nice and funny”

Robert 7th grade


“They help me learn math easily”

Aidan 7th grade


“I like how nice the staff is, how clean it is and how quiet it is (especially with all the kids)”

Lucas 7th grade


“Anything you bring in the Instructors help you with it. They don’t give you the answer, they help you understand how to get there”

Cian 11th grade


“My favorite thing about Mathnasium is the nice staff, the prizes, and the decoration on the wall”

Kayla 4th grade


“My favorite thing about Mathnasium is that everybody is so nice and the teachers help you understand math. Also, I like the prizes”

Travis 8th grade


“All the instructors are really nice and helpful. They are easy to talk to and really help by explaining”

Jack 9th grade


“You get prizes”

Brogan 2nd grade


“I like the wall decals”

Declan 6th grade


“The Instructors and chess”

Ray 4th grade


“To finish my homework”

Britney 4th grade


“The staff”

Justine 10th grade


Hear What People Say About Mathnasium 


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