Mathnasium Partners With The National Homeschool Association To Support Homeschooled Families

Mar 25, 2024

February 06, 2024

LOS ANGELES, CA — With the popularity of homeschooling on the continued rise, Mathnasium Learning Centers, an internationally known franchise with over 1,100 math learning centers worldwide, has announced its newest partnership with The National Homeschool Association (NHSA), which provides support, programs, and resources to over 1 million homeschoolers nationwide.

Homeschooling has become America’s fastest-growing form of education with over 4.3 million homeschooled students in the U.S. The partnership, which includes a virtual Mathnasium storefront on the NHSA Home Learning Store website, was forged in an effort to join forces on providing homeschooled families access to information regarding supplemental education services. The company expects to see increased enrollment from homeschooled families as a result of the partnership.

“As the rise in homeschooling has not slowed down since the pandemic, it has proved to be a mainstay of the educational system,” said Mike Davis, CEO of Mathnasium. “As a leader in supplemental education, we have continued to see an increased demand for our services, and we are thrilled to offer homeschooling parents both in-person and online support. Our structured program with customized learning plans for every child not only supports academic progress, but provides the opportunity for homeschooled children to socialize with kids their age.”

On a mission to make homeschooling easier on both parents and students, Mathnasium will provide a comprehensive assessment that pinpoints a child’s exact strengths and areas for improvement, a customized learning plan detailing the specific concepts needed to meet their learning goals, and live, face-to-face instruction, either in-center or online.

The fast-growing brand has experienced a record increase in student enrollments as the spike in supplemental education continues and math scores show an alarming decline since the pandemic. This paired with its proven 20-year-plus business model, has contributed to Mathnasium’s long-standing industry success as it continues to expand its global footprint.

“Because Mathnasium instructors approach each session with individualized math instruction for every child, providing new perspectives and ways to learn, homeschooled students will increase their comprehension and build their math skills,” Davis noted. “As a result, their confidence will grow, leading to a natural love of learning.”

With prime territories available, Mathnasium provides franchisees with comprehensive training and support, including initial and ongoing training, locally driven marketing support and access to proprietary software tools and resources. For information about Mathnasium’s franchise opportunities, visit

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About Mathnasium
Mathnasium Learning Centers is North America’s leading math-only supplemental education franchise. Since 2002, the Mathnasium Method™ — the result of decades of hands-on instruction and development — has been transforming the lives of children in grades K-12 by offering comprehensive assessments, fully individualized learning plans, and teaching true math comprehension. With more than 1,100 learning centers worldwide in 10 countries, Mathnasium has been ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of top 500 franchises 16 times since 2004. For more information about Mathnasium franchise opportunities, visit


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