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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Larry Martinek, Chief Instructional officer, Mathnasium

Raji Rayaprolu, Center Director & Owner

I am Raji, have Masters degree in Health care adminstration, with undergraduate degree in Pharmacy, studied Math with vigorous interest up to Calculus.

I developed a real passion for teaching and education as the child of a Professor of Computer Sciences & Electronic Engineering. My father taught me that education is one of the greatest contributions we can make to society. As an adult, my source of inspiration and support is my ‘better half’,  also an Electrical Engineer. A pharmacist by profession, I know that math is very important in every child's life. Math education provides the foundation that is a stepping stone for ongoing success in life! The Mathnasium Method is very structured, yet it nurtures every child and finds a way to make learning fun! I strongly believe Mathnasium provides a wonderful way of learning math where every child has an awesome experience and develops the confidence necessary for future success. Our family welcomes you to experience this great learning environment and we look forward to serving you!

Mallik, Instructor

Mallik has M.S. in Telecommunications engineering and Management from California State University. He did his undergraduate in Electrical engineering. Loves Math, working with kids of all ages and enjoys teaching. His aim is to see students bring A+ report card each time. He tries to motivate students and connect abstract math concepts to real life uses. Likes to share short cuts, tips, mental math tricks and vedic math techniques with students whenever there is an opportunity. He does community events, parent relations and consultations  and support for center.

Heather Walker, Lead instructor & Office Manager

Heather Walker is the Lead instructor and the Office Manager at our center. She earned a B.A. in Rhetoric and Communication and minored in both Psychology and Sociology: Law and Society at UC Davis. Heather has had extensive tutoring experience at Mathnasium for over 7 years. Prior to Mathnasium, she worked at Sylvan Learning Center. Her dedication and passion for teaching are apparent to everyone. She is gifted with a unique ability to connect with students of all ages and to diagnose their difficulty in learning math very quickly. Heather has worked with many at-risk students and students with learning disabilities. She is very resourceful in developing ideas to help students connect with math and communicates well with parents and teachers about students' progress.  Her interests include reading and solving logic puzzles. 


Victoria, Instructor

My name is Victoria Lovegren, I have an interdisciplinary Ph.D. from UT in Math, Computer Science and Business.

I have taught PreCalculus and Calculus at several universities and at a private girls school.  I also tutor ACT and SAT prep . I was a senior Math Tutor at C2 Education in Southlake, TX a few years ago.  While teaching at Case Western Reserve University, I was nominated for outstanding teacher and outstanding mentor. 


Seun Marcus, Instructor

Hi, my name is Seun, I became a Mathematics Instructor in my final year of M.S Mechanical engineering in 2009 and I started instructing at Mathnasium RR in July 2014.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to help equip students through the challenges they face by preparing them with pertinent resources and knowledge all levels of mathematics, including advanced calculus, algebra, trigonometry, probability, statistics as well as other key topics. 


One of my strongest qualities is being able to relate with a diverse range of students from Kindergarten through to College age. This gives me the opportunity to teach by creating a stimulating learning environment using up-to-date media to promote interactive learning pertaining to each students learning style.


I also enjoy working alongside talented staff at this center as well as the Owners who are very passionate about helping students grasp genuine understanding of mathematical concepts. If you have been looking for a fun place to learn come and see us. I look forward to meeting you soon.

 Jeff, Instructor

Jeff holds a BS in Math from University of Texas , Austin.  He is passionate about math and teaching. He is new addition to our team

Miguel, Instructor

Miguel did his B.S. in Finance and economics from City university of New york. He has extensive experience in trainng for SAT while he worked at Huntington. He also worked as tutor in math department at College of Staten Island., 

Jorge, Instructor

Jorge is a Math graduate (BS Math from Texas state university),  He did his teacher training at West wood high school, and currently employed at Harmony science academy. Jorge teaches part time at our center and works very enthusiastically with kids ranging from pre-K to College. 

Fathima Rizvi, Instructor

Fathima is a senior instructor at our center, she received her B.S. in Economics with minor in Mathematics from Texas A&M , College Station, TX. She is exceptional in teaching for understanding. She brings cheer to students faces even when they are faced with challenging questions because teaching comes naturally to her, and she enjoys her work immensely

 Khoi, Instructor

Khoi is a college (BS) student at U.T Austin, Talented in math and always bearing a pleasant smile. Khoi is great with kids. Takes time to understand and connect with students. He is good with all math topics , including High school math.

Kevin, Instructor

Kevin is a High school senior,. Kevin has excellent grasp of Math! He finished AP courses in junior year. He is usually quiet and maintains low profile, but spares no effort to make students understand challenging topics. Always ready to learn and expand his understanding, he is a team player. 

 Jaqueline, Instructor

Jaqueline is a High school senior at West wood HS, She teaches all levels of Math up to Calculus AB. She   is super excited to teach at our center.

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