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Setting Math Goals for 2016!

Jan 6, 2016

Since we are now at the start of a brand new year, everyone is talking about what their resolutions are for 2016.  Instead of setting resolutions, let's change the conversation to setting goals.  Resolutions imply there is a problem that needs to be fixed.  Goals, however, are things that you want to happen and you're willing to put in the work to achieve them.  Wouldn't it be great if our children also set attainable goals for themselves and held themselves accountable?  Why not help your child this year do just that!

When setting goals, start by having a conversation with your child about what they want to achieve.  It is important that the goal is specific and measureable.  Instead of "I want to do better at math," make the goal "I want to have an A on my next report card."

The next step is to help your child make a plan to achieve that goal.  How will they get the A?  Have their homework checked every night by a parent? Ask the teacher for extra help?  Go to Mathnasium for 2-3 lessons a week?  Having a plan will help them stay focused on their goal and ensure they achieve it!

It's also a great idea to use rewards to help keep your child motivated.  Every time they go to Mathnasium or have their homework checked they could earn extra time on the iPad or whatever motivates them.  

Setting and achieving goals is an invaluable tool that will help your child stay focused and motivated through school, work, and life.  Today's the perfect day to start!

For more ideas on how to help your child set goals, check out this website.