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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Center Director/OwnerMaureen Hawkinson, Owner

Maureen received her degree in Finance from DePaul University in Chicago. She has worked at various institutions including Citibank and Goldman Sachs. As a financial analyst, numbers were her life! Now she devotes her time to her four beautiful children and making sure that their "Math" edge remains sharp. Mathnasium made a difference in her sons' lives and she is hoping to bring that to many other students in the South Barrington/Hoffman Estates area.

FUN FACT: Maureen's fantasy dream job is to be a radio talk-show host.

Mark Hawkinson, Owner

Mark was born and raised on Chicago's Northwest side. He attended Loyola University, majoring in Business Administration. He entered into the Chicago Commodities Markets at an early age and found his passion. Working in the Interest Rate Option market, Mark's strong fundamental math background serves him well in dealing with turbulent, ever-changing conditions that require split-second decision making and computational skills. He is a loving father of four beautiful children and hopes to bring good solid math fundamentals via Mathnasium instruction to the South Barrington/Hoffman Estates area.

FUN FACT: Before Mark dies, he is determined to take a stunt driving course.

Nicholas Kinton, Center Director

Nicholas was born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  He has been an instructor at this center since we’ve opened in early 2013.  He has always had a love for both math and helping other people, so working at Mathnasium just “made sense” to him.  Nick is proficient in most mathematics areas up to and including Multivariate Calculus and Linear Algebra.  Nick hopes to help this community by making math make sense one student at a time.

FUN FACT: Nick loves to cook, especially barbecue!

 Laura Jennison, Assistant Center Director 

Laura was raised in Wood Dale IL. She is currently studying Kinesiology at University of Illinois  at Chicago. She plans to attend graduate school at UIC also and become a pediatric  occupational therapist. Laura took multiple AP mathematics classes, including AP Calculus,  and was on the high honor roll for four years. She was on the swim team, marching band and  a member of FCCLA. She worked in her high school's preschool for four years and loves  working and educating children. She hopes to help every student she works with at Mathnasium achieve his or her goals in mathematics.

FUN FACT: Laura pretends to be Betty Crocker and loves to bake.


Trenton Green,  Senior Instructor

Trent was born in Elgin, IL, but grew up in multiple towns in both Illinois and California. While attending Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Trent was in many different honors and AP classes. He is currently attending Loyola University  pursuing a degree in Biochemistry and plans on working in pharmaceuticals upon graduation.

FUN FACT: Trent enjoys playing the guitar. 


Kaylene Cacioppo, Instructor

Kaylene was born and raised in Wood Dale, IL.  She is currently a student at Elmhurst College. Kaylene has always had a passion to work with children. In her free time, Kaylene is  with her younger cousins and family. She wants to inspire students to not become frustrated  with math, and help them find a love of the subject. Kaylene enjoys working with lower elementary students, because she loves to find creative ways to relate math to each students' life. 

FUN FACT: Kaylene is part Japanesse.

 Brad Crim, Instructor

Brad grew up in Schaumburg and went to Schaumburg High School, graduating in 2009. Brad is a certified math teacher now residing in Hoffman Estates. He graduated from Northern Illinois University in the Spring of 2016 with a degree in Mathematics, emphasis in education. Last year he taught math to 7th grade students. This year he has been working as a paraprofessional, being a teachers assistant and providing aid to students with varying needs. 

FUN FACT: Brad knows how to play the French Horn.

Macy Vander Pas, Instructor

Macy is currently a senior at Lake Zurich High School and has grown up in Lake Zurich. She is passionate about STEM and hopes to pursue a career in mathematics and biology. In her free time, Macy enjoys volunteering at her church and in her school community. At school she is an involved member of Student Council, the Vice President of Tutoring for NHS, and she plays for her school’s softball program. She has a love for math and learning and is always looking to expand her knowledge whenever possible. Her favorite kind of math is Algebra and Calculus, but loves teaching all levels. She’s glad to have the opportunity to extend her appreciation for math to students of all ages. 

FUN FACT:  Macy plays cello, clarinet, and sings.

Riyana Chacko, Instructor

Riyana is a junior in the Academy of Science, Engineering, and High Technology at Bartlett High School. Along with being on the honor roll, she is taking several honors and AP level math classes. Riyana is the captain of her volleyball team, is currently on board for Health Occupation Students' Association (HOSA), is the secretary of Student Advisory Council, and loves being a member of a handful of other school clubs and teams. In her free time, Riyana enjoys reading, spending time outdoors, and traveling. She has a passion for math and helping kids succeed, and she strives to make it more interesting and easier to understand. 

FUN FACT: Riyana was the gymnastics state champion for the "floor" event for her level in 2014. 

Omkar Prabhavalkar, Instructor

Omkar grew up in Hoffman Estates, IL and now lives in South Barrington. He is a student at Barrington High School going into his senior year. In school, he is also involved in a various different activities such as being on the varsity soccer team, chess team, math team, and is also involved in community service throughout Barrington. Omkar has a passion for math and loves helping students understand difficult math topics.

FUN FACT: Omkar knows how to play the violin

Steven Zhu, Instructor

Steven is a senior at Barrington High School, and he has completed 15 AP courses during this time. He has participated in and qualified for awards in various math contests, from the American Mathematics Competition to the American Regions Mathematics League. On the side, he likes to play piano, draw, run, and play badminton. Steven loves learning about and sharing new math concepts and ideas, and he hopes to encourage students to get excited about math as well.

FUN FACT: Steven won the “most likely to write a math textbook” award at the end of the 2018 Ross Mathematics Camp.

Grzegorz Kokoszka, Instructor

I am currently a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am studying chemical engineering to pursue a job in industry in the renewable energy sector. I have a great passion for STEM because I believe it will dictate the future for the generations to come. No STEM field is more important then the other because they are all focused on increasing the quality of life for everybody.  It is important to introduce children from a young age to the wonders and mysteries of Mathematics and Science, so that it creates a hunger for knowledge and gives them the drive to find the answers.  That is why I like teaching at Mathnasium because I like the "aha!" moment someone gets when they understand something and it gives me an immense amount of satisfaction.
FUN FACT: I am in a research group to try and construct a electrochemical cell that is powered by sunlight to scrub the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and convert it into light hydrocarbon fuels.