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We are now open for in-center instruction! Space is limited so call or email to reserve your spot! We will continue to run online tutoring as well through Mathnasium@home!

Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:



 Andrew Molina, Center Director  

Andrew graduated from the University of San Diego in 2016, with a degree in Economics. 

Andrew traces his strong passion for teaching to his roots - he comes from a family of educators.  He is a native of South Pasadena, having attended SPUSD schools since he was 6.  He showed off both brains and brawn at South Pasadena High School (class of 2011) where he maintained good grades while playing Quarterback for the school's football team.  Having gone through the local school system, he understands through personal experience the requirements that these schools have and can help guide and counsel our students.

While serving as our Center Director at Mathnasium, Andrew plans to pursue a Master's degree in School Administration.

Nathan Lee, Asst. Center Director

Upon graduating with a degree in BioPsychology at UCSB, Nathan was looking for a job that would continue to challenge him both intellectually and professionally.   As a native of South Pasadena, he looked close to home and quickly found a perfect fit - a place where he could make a real impact on the community he loves - Mathnasium!

Nathan loves the moments when he sees a student's mind click for a once challenging math concept.  He finds that helping those that lack confidence in the subject and slowly seeing how they develop into Mathletes through our program is the most rewarding aspect of working at our center.   

Outside of Mathnasium, Nathan keeps himself busy by preparing for his next stage in life - one as a firefighter.  He will soon be completing an EMT certification course which is one of the first steps in accomplishing this goal.  Any free time he has left is spent fishing, playing football or rugby, playing video games and traveling.  In fact, Nathan has already traveled to over 15 countries.  His next big adventure will be a grand road trip across the country, visiting every state that is connected by road.


Alex Leon, Master Instructor

Alex has an extensive and impressive educational background, having studied Organic Chemistry, Mathematics, and currently Theoretical Physics.  As Alex was undergoing his studies, he noticed fewer and fewer students going into those fields of math and science.  He wondered, "Why could such interesting topics generate such limited participation?"  After applying for a position at Mathnasium, he quickly saw this as an opportunity to spread his ardor and excitement for math.  Now, as our Master Instructor, Alex trains and develops the Instruction teams of various Mathnasium centers around the San Gabriel Valley.

Alex is addicted to the smiles on our student's faces.  He finds it rewarding to watch students grow and gain confidence in math.  His ongoing goal is to generate more interest, critical thinking and fun in the subject of mathematics.  

To stimulate all parts of his brain, Alex plays music daily - from bass, to drums, to piano.  He also enjoys painting, in which he typically completes a project every 3 - 4 months.


Blake Simon, Lead Instructor  

Blake loves teaching math!  He is knowledgable and very versatile when coming up with different ways to solve a math problem.  This helps him to come up with different ways to explain almost anything that a student might find confusing.  It also helps that patience is one of his many virtues.  

Blake has earned two bachelor's degrees from Biola University - one in Engineering Physics and the other in Mathematics.  In addition, he has earned another bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California and has recently started a Master's program at USC (Fall 2019).  His future goal is to be an Electrical Engineer.


Joshua Pearson, Sr. Instructor

Joshua is a true math aficionado!  He loves math and he loves teaching it to others. He first joined our South Pasadena team back in 2012, when he was still a college student because he thought it would be a good start to a math teaching career.  Since then, he has earned his BA in Mathematics (with an option in Secondary Education) plus an almost complete teaching credential to teach Mathematics in Secondary Education. 

He enjoys the sense of community that South Pasadena offers. "Everyone is super friendly!"

In his free time, Josh likes to draw, play guitar and write computer programs (and, do math problems, of course).  He sees himself as a high school math teacher, or a professor at a community college one day - and, that will all happen when the time is right.  Till then, he's going to continue killing it on a daily basis!


Kevin Prado, Instructor  

Kevin's first day with Mathnasium was memorably scary, yet sweet - it was on Halloween (2016).  He is currently pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree at Cal Poly Pomona but does not yet have a specific career path in mind yet.  Although his degree would allow him more opportunities, he always envisions his future as a teacher of math.  

Even before joining our Instruction team, Kevin has always enjoyed working with kids of all ages and had seen too many of them struggle with math.  Feeling a little more than lucky to be good at it, he was compelled to get a job where he could help kids who found the subject a bit of a challenge.  Kevin loves how our Mathnasium teaching methods have helped make math so much more understandable for students (and even for our Instructors, in fact).  He experiences joy when he sees a student start to "get it", or when they come in to proudly report how well they performed on a quiz or test. 

Away from Mathnasium, Kevin is doing his own homework for his university studies but will find occasional time to relax by playing video games or watching movies - comedies and science fiction are his favorites.  Lately, he's been dabbling in the art of cooking, so feel free to share a favorite recipe or two with him.


Timmy Wong, Sr. Instructor 

Timmy earned his degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science back in 2015.  Having explored the field in such an exciting way at the University level challenged him to find a job where he could keep his math skills in practice while helping others see how exciting the subject can be.  Timmy finds it nothing less than wonderful to work at Mathnasium where gets to help out so many different students, each with their own unique and remarkable personality.  

One of his responsibilities at Mathnasium is to keep up with all the upcoming math tests that are coming up for our students.  The sooner that we know about the test, the better we can help our students prepare for them!  So, let us know about your next math test as soon as you can.

When the weather is good, Timmy can be found hiking the local hills with a good science fiction book on hand.  He also enjoys playing board games and card games with friends.


Orrin White, Instructor  

Mathnasium of South Pasadena is very honored to have a true veteran on our staff - Orrin White.  

His education background proves his qualifications: BA in Mathematics, a Masters in Education, and State credentials to teach Math, Physics and Chemistry.   Greater still is his vast and diverse background from fields that include finance, accounting, and publishing.  Because of his military background, having served in the US Army, in development and research required Secret Clearance, we dare not go into too much details here.   Although semi-retired, Orrin stays young by doing "paid volunteerism" at Mathnasium.  

Teaching has been a major part of Orrin's life, and he has always felt that the imparting of knowledge is a way of doing good and giving back to the world.  He really enjoys the variety of students that come into the center.  This is his first experience working with primary grade level students, and almost every day he finds himself learning something new from them.   Orrin sees himself staying at Mathnasium until the day when his body or mind just won't allow him to anymore.


Phoebe Kim, Instructor  

Phoebe first applied for a job at Mathnasium when she was still in high school (back in 2017) because she wanted to gain more work experience before entering college.  She has always enjoyed math so when she heard about this opportunity from another one of our Instructors, she was ready!

"I really care about the future success of our students, and if I can make even one student's day better by making math seem easier, then that's a great day for me."

Phoebe has a ton of hobbies.  She has played a variety of sports, including soccer, tennis and (her favorite) basketball.  She also plays the cello.  She plays board games.  She plays with her dog, Miso.  She'll even squeeze in time to catch a favorite TV show.  On top of all the fun & games, she is currently pursuing her degree in Computer Science.  She definitely has big dreams - to one day work for a big tech company (by day) while teaching computer coding as a college-level professor (by night).  And, her ultimate dream will be to do all that while raising 15 dogs!


Matthew Schexnayder, Instructor  

Matthew first heard about a job opening at Mathnasium from his friend, Nathan Lee (our Assistant Center Director).  Since he had a great experience tutoring math throughout college, he decided to apply.   Working with students allows him to see different math concepts from various perspectives.  He always knew that he understood math pretty well because the subject always came easy for him.  But, through his many interactions with students, he's come to realize that there are "a ton of ways" to look at the same thing.

Matthew is currently pursuing his BS in Mathematics, along with a minor in Physics.  He has just a few more credits before he's complete.  Although his future plans are still uncertain, he is pretty sure that he will continue with math education.  

He's the middle child in his family and enjoys playing video games to relax.


Max Nuckols, Instructor  

Born in Germany, but raised here in Southern California for practically his whole life, Max is currently a senior at Loyola High School in Los Angeles.  He first heard about Mathnasium because one of his siblings attended our center, and would tell him how much he enjoyed working with our Instructors.  He felt that getting a job here would be a "golden opportunity" to do two things that he really enjoyed - working with kids and math!

Max really likes the dynamic engagement between Instructor and students at Mathnasium.  He describes it as relaxed, enjoyable yet structured and efficient.

He plans to attend NYU and major in Biochemistry, and then go on to medical school from there.  His dream is to be a doctor (specializing in either Immunology or Neurology) while living and working in either Los Angeles or New York City.  One of his favorite activities is SCUBA diving with his dad.   His fondest memory is of a night dive in Hawaii where he experienced swimming with manta rays that had wingspans of over 10 feet, illuminated by spotlights!

Elaine Clements-Gettman, Instructor  

Elaine is passionate about teaching.  She plans on getting her teaching credentials after she receives her Bachelor's in Theatre.  She understands that a big part of teaching is connecting with the students - and, much of that includes keeping her audience engaged.  She already sees how the experience she is gaining at Mathnasium is preparing her for an awesome teaching career. 

What she loves most about working at Mathnasium is getting to know each individual student - seeing them grow in understanding and developing the skills they need to succeed in school and in life.

With a wide variety of interests, Elaine enjoys painting, attending concerts and creating designs for theatre.  She also has a strong interest in Biology and Physiology, and sees herself teaching those subjects at the high school level once she has completed the credentialing program (along with a Masters degree in Set Design).  She is excited to bridge the gap between the arts and sciences.


Wilson Tizon, Instructor

Wilson has been tutoring peers since he was in high school, where he assisted with the school's learning lab working with students with learning disabilities.  With such experience, it is no wonder that he is one of our most patient and compassionate instructors.

Wilson loves seeing how our students communicate in the language of math, becoming more and more fluent as they start to understand how all the concepts are tied together.

He currently takes classes at Pasadena City College, with plans to transfer to CSU Pomona to get his degree in Computer Science.  His long-term goal is to find a career where he can use his creativity to develop software.  When he is not at Mathnasium or in school, Wilson likes to find ways to keep his mind active by problem-solving and practicing strategic thinking.  He book-studies the game of chess and has entered a few tournaments.  Video games and board games are also some of his favorite ways to keep his mind active.


Titus Tjahjadi, Regional Director

Titus started his career at Mathnasium as an Instructor in 2007.  Having shown a desire to develop leadership skills, he was promoted to be the Lead Instructor, and then to be the Assistant Director of the Mathnasium center in Pasadena.  He then served as the Center Director of the Pasadena center before his most recent promotion to Regional Director.  As a Regional Director, Titus oversees the management of the Mathnasium centers in Pasadena, South Pasadena and Monterey Park.  Because of his commitment towards excellent customer service and student progress, he stays passionately involved in student instruction, as well as the training of our team members.

Titus received his Computer Science degree from Cal Poly Pomona.  He is a self-proclaimed foodie, who is not afraid to create his own dishes.  He also enjoys traveling and seeing new sights.