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2019 Summer Program Dates: Monday, June 10 to Friday, August 16 (10 weeks) 
15, 20 and Unlimited Session Packages Available


Great Summer Learning Environment

Prevent the "summer slide"! Solidify foundations, improve understanding, and get ahead on next year's concepts in a fun, low-pressure environment.


Flexible, Drop-In Scheduling

Bring your child to our center on the days and hours convenient for you! We'll work with your vacation schedule. 


Customized Programs

We'll help you choose the Summer Math Program that's right for your child: fractions, multiplication, problem solving, algebra readiness, geometry readiness, and more.


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What is a Mathnasium assessment?

 Mathnasium's unique assessment process determines (with great accuracy) exactly what each child knows and what they need to learn. Our assessment allows us to identify a student's "learning gaps". We use the results of the assessment to customize a learning plan for each child, allowing us to focus solely on their areas of need. 


What is a learning gap?

A math learning gap refers to any math skill that a student should have previously mastered, but didn’t. 

All students have learning gaps. Examples include a fifth grader who didn’t learn what the numerator in a fraction means, or a tenth grader who doesn’t know when the communitive property applies in algebra. 

Addressing learning gaps is critical since math skills build upon each other. Some skills are foundational. Without mastering foundational skills, advancing in more difficult concepts becomes almost impossible. 


My child excels in math. What can Mathnasium do for them?

Since Mathnasium is customized to the needs of each individual student, we can help advanced students stay engaged by not spending time on things they already know. Instead, we create a focused enrichment program designed to enhance their math talents.  More importantly, we can develop even stronger numeric fluency and critical thinking skills which are essential for continued math success. 


How long does an assessment take?

Most students complete their assessment within 45-70 minutes. We can go over the results with you and recommend a learning plan during the same visit.




Mathnasium of Westlake Village
(818) 735-0007

(located near the corner of Thousand Oaks Blvd and Lindero Canyon Rd, next to TJ Maxx)


How is Mathnasium different?

Great Question! The very first thing we do is give your child a skills assessment. It is both a written and oral assessment so that we can get a deep understanding of not only what they know, but how they think!

We sit down with them, put them at ease, and give them an assessment that doesn't feel too easy or too hard. We use the results to build a customized learning plan that targets skill gaps and the individual needs of each student -- whether your student is looking to catch up or get ahead! 

Is this one-on-one tutoring?

Another great question! Our instructors are not just average math tutors. We have brilliant, engaging, inspiring math experts that work one on one with your child. They make sure your child understands what to do. Then the instructor steps back and lets your child work independently to give them the time to process this new information without the pressure and stress of being watched. It also prevents a "learned helplessness" where the student feels that they need the instructor sitting in front of them all the time in order to be successful.  [We can't be there for their math tests!]

Our instructors quickly come back after a minute or two to make sure they are doing the problems correctly, give them encouragement, and praise them for their efforts! If the student needs more math help we simply teach the lesson again in a different way without judgment or ridicule until they "get it." This enables your child to become a "confident, independent learner."

Does Mathnasium really work?

Yes! Quite well, but don't take our word for it - Read our parent reviews!

We get hundreds of reviews raving about how struggling students come alive after coming to Mathnasium. Their grades increase and their confidence soars! Take a moment to read what your neighbors have to say about us.



Mathnasium of Westlake Village
(818) 735-0007

(located near the corner of Thousand Oaks Blvd and Lindero Canyon Rd, next to TJ Maxx)


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