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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:


Trish Evans - Managing Director

Trish Evans graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor  degree in Material Science Engineering. With strong academics in Science and Engineering, she has always been passionate about education. Trish worked as a Mathnasium instructor and also tutored at the Math Lab in college. While working as an instructor, Trish loved the Mathnasium philosophy so much that she decided to own one after graduation. Along with Mathnasium of Woodinville, she also owns Mathnasium of Bellevue.

She believes that Math is the key in developing a logical and reasoning mind which in turn aids problem solving. In her opinion Mathnasium's method of teaching Math not only makes it easier for students to comprehend the subject and acquire the skill, but also develop a lifetime of love for it. Children are the  world’s future, and they can make a difference.

 Joseph Evans - Owner 

Joseph is the Co-Owner of Mathnasium of Woodinville and Mathnasium of Bellevue. He has over 12 years of experience working in the aerospace industry. 

After observing countless students succeed in math, Joseph believes that Mathnasium method provides the right tools, solid practice, and confidence for children to get caught up and be ahead in school. As part of Mathnasium team, Joseph and his wife are proud to help students in the community overcome math hurdles and master the subject. 

In his free time, Joseph loves to spend time with his family and enjoys different outdoor activities with his son.

Rachel Spoonemore, Center Director

Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in history from Seattle Pacific University.  She continued her education to receive a teaching certificate in Social Studies and ELL.  Math was something that Rachel excelled in throughout school, frequently helping peers understand concepts.  She views math as being a key component of life.

Rachel is currently a substitute teacher with the Everett School District.  In her free time, she likes to sew costumes, participate in Medieval research and re-creation, and spend time with her family.



 Monika Abdalla, Center Director Assistant

Monika has a bachelor's degree in business from Pacific Lutheran University.  She continued her education to earn a Masters in Teaching and Professional Teaching certification.  As a middle school and high school student, she was not confident in her math skills.  It was later in college that she learned to love the subject.  She thinks her experience in her education helps her relate to students and gives her the background to help them increase their math confidence and abilities. 

Monika is currently a full-time algebra teacher at a private school, who enjoys walking, hiking, running, and cycling on her free time.  She also has an interest in studying nutrition and enjoys healthy cooking.


Spencer Hoggart, Lead Instructor II

Spencer graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor's in Physics and a minor in Mathematics.  He has always enjoyed math and knew from a young age that he would end up doing something heavily involved with the subject.  Helping others develop their mathematical capabilities, including friends and family, has been a passion of Spencer’s for as long as he can remember. 

After taking a physics course in his junior year of high school, he also developed a fascination with the way math can be used to study the physical world.  Spencer is excited to share his love of math with students at Mathnasium Woodinville. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, studying a variety of subjects, Olympic weightlifting and spending time with friends.

Patrick Wall, Director of Operations/ Lead Instructor II

Patrick is a Sophomore at Cascadia Community College focusing on accounting. He has always been interested in how business and math come together.  Now that he is taking calculus in college he is slowly finding ways to use calculus on his own time while trading stock in his free time. 

Patrick struggled with math early and didn't like it but later in life he came to understand it and enjoy it. Patrick loves to help kids with math because he too was stuck in a similar situation when he was a kid. He has helped many of his students, friends, and family understanding and enjoying math.

Christie Cox, Instructor I

Bio is coming soon!






Emily Wu, Instructor I

Emily is a positive, passionate, and skilled tutor in desired math subject. She is currently doing AP Statistics and is comfortable teaching math ranging from elementary to AP Calculus levels. Like any outstanding math student, Emily have made amazing accomplishments in math contests like AMC, MIC, even placed first in Math Olympiad 2018. Moreover, being the leader of school clubs, services committees, and non-profit groups, Emily have a lot of experience interacting with anyone, and is willing to take on leadership. In her spare time, she is also a great singer!

Started off by tutoring her little sister and classmates, Emily found her passion in motivating other people, and saw joy in helping others understand. To her, there is no definite impossible in the world, only stepping stone for one to become better. Therefore, she is very excited to overcome problems with students in Mathnasium!


Nguyen Tran, Instructor I

Nguyen is currently studying Biochemistry at Bellevue College. Despite of differences in subject matter, she has always been interested in learning and developing her knowledge about mathematics. She believes math is an entirely universal language, which people can use to communicate regardless of where they come from. She likes the fact that wherever you go in the whole world, two plus two will still be four.

She thinks that teaching and helping kids to explore mathematics will be a great opportunity to learn and enjoy this subject. It’s also fascinating to her to help and see a kid who initially did not like math but then really enjoy it because they can finally understand the concepts.

Van Mason, Instructor I

Bio is coming soon!






Daniel Eum, Instructor I

Daniel is a second-year student studying Computer Science at Seattle University. Math has always been his favorite subject throughout high school. His favorite math classes are geometry and calculus. He finds math interesting because there are many ways to approach a problem and get the right answer.

Math can be challenging and frustrating at times, but he hopes to help everyone in Mathnasium to find joy in solving math problems. With proper guidance and countless practices, he believes that everyone can become proficient in math and fall in love with it.

 Gary Guo, Instructor I

Gary Gou is currently in his second year of Calculus. Through taking Physic courses, he is almost fascinated by all the different ways Calculus can be applied in the real world.

Gary believes that Mathnasium providing the right foundation and methods, which can make math fun and easy for everyone. The opportunity to help students at Mathnasium will enable him to understand math from an entirely new point of view.

Beside school and Mathnasium time, Gary enjoys practicing violin, reading and playing games.  

Tanya Patil, Instructor I

Bio is coming soon!







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