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"Wholes and Parts" (Number Sense Series, Part 2)

Mar 15, 2018

By Mathnasium Number Sense is the ability to appreciate the size and scale of numbers in the context of the question at hand. Three elements establish Number Sense: Counting, Wholes and Parts, and Proportional Thinking. We already int...

Practice "Math In The Real World" With This Fun Subtraction Activity!

Mar 8, 2018

By Mathnasium Parents, you know how important it is to read with your kids every day, but did you know that it's just as important to "math" with your kids every day? Just like with physical exercise, daily math practice, especially i...

Word Problem Wednesday: Using Math Skills In Science Fair Projects

Feb 28, 2018

By Mathnasium    What goes into making award-winning science fair projects? Why MATH, of course! Math is a key component of all science fair projects. Additionally, science is always a fun way to use some of the key math concepts you’r...

Word Problem Wednesday: Math Skills And Career Opportunities

Feb 23, 2018

By Mathnasium A strong math foundation nurtures problem solving skills that will last a lifetime, skills that not only lead to improved math grades in school today, but which extend all the way to career opportunities in the future! E...

Artist Hillel Smith: Using Math to Create Art

Feb 14, 2018

By Mathnasium   Everyday, Hillel Smith uses math to create art. It’s not “fractal art” or computer-driven design. He simply needs math to produce the art itself—everything from huge outdoor murals to inflatable sculptures.  “At a ...

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