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Risk-Free Assessment!

Your Rockrimmon, Colorado Springs Mathnasium Learning Center provides a risk-free math assessment and results.  The assessment fee is only is only paid when signing up for one the effective and valuable Mathnasium Learning programs.  Otherwise, the math assessment and results are free.

This is helpful for children who are:

  • Skipping a math grade level
  • Seeking to skip a math grade level
  • Moved recently to the area
  • Falling behind - C (or lower) grade
  • Home schooled to confirm if on or above grade level

Voted "Best of Springs" for Tutoring by Gazette
Your Rockrimmon Mathnasium Learning Center was voted "Best in Springs" for Tutoring Programs by Gazette Telegraph.  Thank you for your support!

Location of the Rockrimmon Mathnasium Learning Center
The Rockrimmon  Mathnasium Learning Center serves the Colorado Springs area.  The Learning Center is located in the Village Center, 740 Village Center Driver, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 next to Massage Envy.

About Mathnasium
A gymnasium develops the body, Mathnasium develops the mind.  Mathnasium has learned that children really don't hate math, they hate being intimidated and confused by math.  Your Rockrimmon Mathnasium Learning Center helps children succeed in math by building number sense and a life-long love of mathematics in fun, nurturing environment.  With fall semester  beginning, now is the time to give your child the best opportunity to succeed this fall and get ahead in math.  Parents, with your Rockrimmon Mathnasium, you get an effective, valuable instruction in math for children 1st through 12th grade.  With Mathnasium, ACT prep and homework help is also available.  Your Rockrimmon Mathnasium -- providing each child with a life-changing learning experience.  Learn about us at or call 265-MATH (6284)

What distinguishes the Mathnasium method?
The Mathnasium Learnng Center of Monument provides each child with a life-changing learning experience by using the Mathnasium method. The Mathnasium Method is about:

Comprehensive written and oral evaluation: Mathnasium students take a two-part diagnostic test – both written and oral. We use the results to create a learning plan tailor-made for your child.
• Customized learning plan for your child
• Highly trained instructors
• Personal attention
• Periodic assessment to keep the child on track
• Results! Your child’s progress is measured by grades, quarterly assessments, and love of mathematics.

Excelling in math is one of the most important subjects your child can do in order to succeed later in life. Your  & Rockrimmon  &
Monument Mathnasium Learning Centers share this goal and is why Mathnasium specializes ONLY IN MATH. We help children improve their math skills whether they need to catch up or get ahead. With our specialized curriculum and great instructors, your  Rockrimmon  & Monument Mathansium Learning Centers build Number Sense so your child can improve their accuracy, speed, and confidence in math. And we make learning math fun -- in fact, your child could become crazy about math! The Rockrimmon  & Monument  Mathnasium Learning Centers do this by creating a learning plan specifically tailored for your child. Then, combined with our great instructors, you will see your child's math skills improve. To get started, call Tessa (Center Director) or Matt (Center Director) at 265-MATH (6284).

Call 719-265-6284 (MATH) to enroll for the fall. 

See Miles of Magic - The Gentleman of Family Entertainment
Miles of Magic
brings laughter and smiles.  Miles of Magic is currently performing on Saturdays at your Monument or Rockrimmon Mathnasium Learning Centers. Call 265-MATH (6284) or email to locate which Center he is performing.

When Summer Comes Back Around, Make it a Mathnasium Summer!
Mathnasium, the Math Learning Center, helps local children keep their minds active throughout the summer months by offering programs designed to develop, maintain, and challenge their math skills and understanding.

According to the Center for Summer Learning at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, kids lose, on average, one to two months of math skills during summer vacation. Mathnasium’s summer programs can help minimize the effects of this "Summer Slide."

"All kids can excel in school and on standardized tests when they’re given the chance to really understand the materials," said Tessa Paul, Center Director of Monument & Rockrimmon Mathnasium of Colorado Springs, CO. "And when they start the school year prepared, without losing two or three months of knowledge, the results astound parents...all of a sudden, homework and tests are a totally different experience!"

Summer Mathnasium Power Math Workout
The Monument & Rockrimmon Mathnasium Learning Centers of Colorado Springs offer the Mathnasium Power Math Workout summer program in addition to the regular curriculum, which is tailored exactly to each student’s needs. The Power Math Workout is specifically designed to help children get ready for the next school year, in a more relaxed, collegial summer session environment. Mathnasium’s summer session students find learning math is fun, rewarding...even inspiring!

Great Math Skills = Great Opportunities
When a child becomes successful in math, their self-esteem and self-confidence improves and all of sudden they have skills that will improve their lives going forward.

Quote from one our parents: “(My child) came home all excited about some time and motion math problem that (my child) had made up, saying (my child) wasn’t finished figuring it out, but at the same time exclaiming, “I love math and physics!” Wow!
Yep, the kid I DRAGGED to Mathnasium (Rockrimmon) less than two years ago! No one is too old to start at Mathnasium – I really was worried that we had missed the boat. Not so concerned now. College bound! YAY!!”

Experience this yourself - contact us at 719-265-MATH (6284) to learn about how Mathnasium can improve your child's math skills and self-esteem.

Free Consultation
Take the first step towards providing your child with a solid math foundation. Give us a call to schedule your free, no-risk consultation. Our meeting will give you and your child a sense of who we are, what we do, and how we can help. Call or complete the form on the right to get started.

Finger Counting
Finger counting (in all of its forms) slows children down as they advance to higher grades and, more importantly, their accuracy is reduced, especially when the numbers exceed 20 -- they run out of toes to use! If your child is still using their fingers to count, do not worry, we have a specific program that will leave their finger counting behind. Call Tessa (Center Director) at 265-MATH (6284) to get off those fingers and see what a difference it makes to your child's accuracy, speed, and confidence.

As reported in the Colorado Springs Cheyenne and Woodmen newspapers ...
Be the first one to know when your child is falling behind!
If your child is falling behind in school, you may be the last one to know about it. They may be embarrassed or ashamed to ask for your help, but if you look for red flags that your child needs help in school, you can give them the assistance and assurance they need to succeed. The important thing is to start early. A child can show signs of being a potential dropout as early as fifth grade. The key is to understand your child and help them overcome anxieties which prevent them from moving forward and succeeding. Whether you’re dealing with an anxious first grader or a frustrated teenager, here are some signs to watch for: The inability to discuss school, an increase in neediness, difficulty paying attention, moodiness, frustration, poor memory, anxiety going to school, and even mystery illnesses on test days. Communication and knowledge of what your child should be able to master at his/her age level are keys to help to determine if your child is falling behind in school. One of the first steps is to look for after school programs that offer assessment programs to help you and your student understand the knowledge gaps and work out the strongest course of action to catch up quickly and excel. Choosing an after school program for your child is a very important decision, and it’s one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. All after-school programs are NOT created equal. The best after school programs do two things: they engage students in fun activities that create a desire to learn, and they build on what students are learning during the school day to extend the knowledge they already have. Assessment tools are available through the following providers:

740 Village Center Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80919


The Rockrimmon & Monument Mathnasium Learning Centers provide math tutor, math tutors, and math tutoring for the Colorado Springs Area:
  • Monument (80132)
  • Palmer Lake (80133)
  • Rockrimmon (80919)
  • Colorado Springs (80903, 80904, 80905, 80906, 80907, 80909, 80910, 80911, 80913, 80921)
  • Manitou Springs (80829)
  • Skyway (80906)
  • Broadmoor (80906)
  • Cheyenne Mountain (80906)
  • Woodmen (80918, 80919)
  • Cascade (80904)
  • Chipita Park (80904,
  • Old Colorado City (80904)
  • Garden of the Gods (80904)
  • Air Force Academy (80840)

Monument Public School District 38 Lewis-Palmer
High Schools: Lewis-Palmer, Palmer-Ridge, Option 38 Alternative
Middle Schools: Lewis-Palmer, Monument Academy Charter
Elementary Schools: Bear Creek, Lewis-Palmer, Palmer Lake, Prairie Winds, Ray E. Kilmer, Monument Academy Charter, Home School Enrichment

Colorado Springs Public School Districts 20, 12, 11, and 14
District 20 Elementary Schools:
Antelope Trails, Foothills, Rockrimmon, The da Vinci Academy, Woodmen-Roberts

District 20 Middle & High Schools:
Eagleview, Air Academy High School, The Classical Academy (North and Secondary)

District 12 Elementary Schools:
Broadmoor, Cheyenne Mountain, Gold Camp, Pinon Valley, Skyway

District 12 Junior and High Schools:
Cheyenne Mountain Junior High, Cheyenne Mountain High School, Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy

District 11 Elementary Schools:
Audubon, Bates, Bristol, Buena Vista, Chipeta, Columbia, Edison, Howbert, Hunt, Jackson, Lincoln, Madison, Midland International, Monroe, Queen Palmer, Will Rogers, Steele, Stratton, Taylor, Trailblazer, Twain, West

District 11 Middle Schools:
Galileo School of Math & Science, Holmes, Jenkins, Mann, North, Jack Swigert Aerospace, West

District 11 High Schools:
Coronado, Mitchell, Palmer, Wasson

A gymnasium develops the body, Mathnasium develops the mind. At Mathnasium we have learned that children don't hate math, they hate being confused and intimidated by math.
Mathnasium students are thinking mathematicians building number sense and a life-long love of mathematics in a fun, nurturing environment that emphasis individual attention and self-esteem.
What's our secret? 'The Mathnasium Method', the life work of Larry Martinek, Mathnasium's chief instructional officer, a teacher and school consultant.
We begin by really getting to know the student through a written and oral math checkup.
Next from a clear, 3-dimensional picture of the student's strengths and weaknesses, we tailor a personalized workbook, because no 2 students are alike.
Filled with illustrations and puzzles that engage all of the senses, these exercises, unique to Mathnasium, map the way to success by developing thinking skills along side basic math concepts.
The result is a deep understanding of the subject. Problem solving becomes second nature and fun.
So, if your child needs to catch up, keep up, or get ahead in math, your Monument & Rockrimmon Mathnasium Learning Centers are here.
What's your favorite number? Ours is 265-MATH. To schedule an appointment, simply call.

Warning: your child could become crazy about math.
Mathnasium is the right choice if you are a parent looking to enrich your child's understanding of math or if your child needs help with math. We build a child's Number Sense by making math Make Sense through the enjoyable, instructor-led sessions at the Mathnasium Learning Center. Having Number Sense is essential to a child's journey and development with math. They develop problem solving skills, skills that they need later in life.
The scene is all too familiar. Your children seem O.K. with math...and then comes Algebra. The grades drop, your children fall further behind, miss important concepts, and begin to hate math. Help. By attending twice a week for one hour, you will see improvement in 3 months. In 6 months, you will see improving grades in math! It all comes from teaching math in a way that Makes Sense.
....or your child enjoys math. The Rockrimmon & Monument Mathnasium Leaning Centers can enrich your child's mind with some very cool ways to think about math. We can improve your child's Number Sense (counting, fractions, proportional thinking, measurements,...) so your child is prepared to learn and enjoy higher math.
We are conveniently located in your neighborhood minutes from school or home. The Mathnasium Learning Center is open after school and during day for home schoolers. See our Hours of Instruction below.
Better yet, stop by and see Tessa, Mathnasium Center Director, and start your child enjoying Math. What's your favorite number? Ours is 265-6284 (MATH). To schedule an appointment, simply call.

Mathnasium - Rockrimmon is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Tutoring in Colorado Springs CO

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Proudly serving zip code 80919, 80906, 80921, 80920, 80904, 80907, 80905, 80910

Proudly serving Colorado Springs Public School Districts 20, 12, 11, and 14
Zip codes: Rockrimmon (80919) Colorado Springs (80903, 80904, 80905, 80906, 80907, 80909, 80910, 80911, 80913, 80921) Manitou Springs (80829) Skyway (80906) Broadmoor (80906) Cheyenne Mountain (80906) Woodmen (80919) Cascade (80904) Chipita Park (80904) Old Colorado City (80904) Garden of the Gods (80904) Air Force Academy (80840) Palmer Lake (80133)