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At Mathnasium of Stillwater, we specialize in teaching kids math in a way that makes sense to them.

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So, What Types of Students Attend MATHNASIUM?

  • Students that are gifted come here for more challenging enrichment.

  • Students that are behind come here to fill in the gaps, catch up, keep up, get ahead, and improve their confidence.

Passing grades (even A's and B's) in elementary and middle school math do not guarantee that your student has the all-around mathematical knowledge necessary for success in life.

If Your Child is Struggling, We Find Out Why.

What we have found is that many kids are missing some key foundational math skills that make it very difficult to keep up in class. Most schools treat kids the same assuming that they all learn the same way, at the same rates. Then, teachers are expected to cover vast amounts of material in a short period of time. So, if your child didn't get a chance to master a skill for whatever reason – that's too bad. They must move on to stay “on schedule”. We see too many kids falling behind in math.

What happens next? The class moves on... Multiplication facts, Fractions, Percentages, Decimals, Mixed Numbers, Exponents, Ratios, X=?, Divisibility Rules, Algebra, Geometry, Equations... Never slowing down to catch your child up! They feel confused, frustrated, embarrassed, and all alone! They begin to expect and accept failure as the "New Normal". They lose all confidence in themselves and other grades begin to suffer. Is it any wonder why you have to fight with them to do their homework? With many kids, it is easier for them to fight you and not do the work than to put the effort into it only to see failure again... It just doesn't seem worth the effort for them after a while.

So, Will a Private Tutor Work?

Unfortunately, in most cases a private tutor is a temporary fix for a long term problem. Tutors are simply putting out math homework fires only to see them flare back up the next day... or the next week. Tutoring may help keep your child's grade passing, it may get them through the next test or even the finals, but it is not going to be a meaningful long term solution in most cases. Let face it, that is what you want! That is what your child deserves!

So What do We do Next?

Good Question! We sit down with them and put them at ease, we ask them some easy mental math questions to see how your child processes the information. How do they think it through? How quick are they with a few math facts? Do they count on their fingers? Most importantly, we find out HOW THEY LEARN! We build trust with them by giving them a few ideas and strategies that they can use immediately! After we get a good idea of what level they are at we will give them an appropriate skills assessment. Based on that process we can then build a custom learning plan that surgically targets skill gaps and quickly show them some success. In many cases “Success” in Math is something they have been craving!

Why is That Important?

It's not just important -- it's critical! Kids need to see that they CAN do the work so that they can feel confident! This fresh, new confidence will spill over in to many other areas of your child's life. At this point you will start to see peace at home! You won't be having to fight with them to do homework (as much – after all it is work). Not only will they have the confidence and the skills to attack it but they'll start bringing home better grades from school. How do we know this? Because we have seen it over and over again with dozens of our students!

So is this One-on-One Tutoring?

Another great question! Our instructors are not just "The Average Math Tutor". We have Brilliant, Engaging, Inspiring Math Experts (click here to read about them) that work one on one with your child long enough to get them started and make sure they understand what to do. The Next Step is Very Important! The instructor steps back and lets your child work independently to give them the time to process this new information without the pressure and stress of being watched. It also prevents a "Learned Helplessness" where the student NEEDS the instructor sitting in front of them all the time so they can manipulate them to solve the problems for them. Our instructors quickly circle back to make sure they are doing the problems correctly and give them the encouragement, and praise to reward them for their efforts! If they need help we simply teach the lesson again (in a different way) without judgment or ridicule until they "Get it". This helps your child to become a "Confident, Independent Learner". As a parent - This is what I want. How about you?

Sachin Gore
Center Director
Mathnasium of Stillwater
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