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Why “Number Sense” Is the Beginning of All Math Ability

Jan 31, 2018

Ever hear your child or another student talk about math class and say, “That stuff doesn’t make sense to me!”? That’s pretty typical, and it’s because children don’t get enough contextwhen they learn material. Providing context helps students inte...

Math is More than Numbers

Jan 20, 2018

Using Math to Improve Important Life Skills On the surface, math may seem like it's all about numbers and formulas. However, this versatile subject is about much more than just counting, adding, and subtracting. Discover why math is more than n...

Math in the Real World: Counting

Jan 15, 2018

Math is everywhere in our lives! Kids sometimes think that math only exists in math class, but parents know that we do math every day, in a number of different ways, both small and large. You can share this perspective with your kids to show them ...

Ways to encourage teaching math at home

Oct 20, 2017

Informing parents about how to help their children practice math at home is a key factor to their child’s success within the classroom. There are many ways to encourage teaching math at home. Here are some ways you can encourage families to be inv...

What You Need to Know About the New SAT Test

Sep 5, 2017

For parents of 10th, 11th, and 12th graders... good article by Mathnasium.  Click here for full article.   There have been some significant changes to the SAT test that high school students and their parents need to be aware of. As of 2016, the...

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