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Aug 15, 2013
Did you know your student could lose anywhere from two to two and a half months worth of math knowledge over the summer months? By enrolling your student at Mathnasium now, they can move ahead in their class and continue to learn new things.

Refresh their (and your) knowledge with key terms from the Mathnasium Glossary below.

addition counting "how many altogether." The process of forming a whole.

complement "the rest of it." the remaining part with respect to the whole.

counting the process of determining quantity (how many, how much).
denomination the collective name of a group of similar things (apples, dogs, inches).

division counting "how many of these are there inside of that." The process of separating a whole into equal parts.

fraction the result of breaking a whole into equal parts; one or more of those equal

group one or more of the same thing (1 apple, 9 dogs, 5 inches, 8 things).

half the first fraction. A whole divided into two equal parts; one of those parts. "Two parts the same."

interval the distance from one number (or unit) to another. The space between two numbers.

Law of SAMEness It is only possible to add and subtract things of the same kind, things with the same name, the same denomination (an apple plus a banana is not a "banapples").

mathematics the study of wholes and parts, and the relationship between them.

matrix literally, "mother." That which gives form, origin, or foundation to something enclosed or embedded in it. A place of origin and growth. Related words include environment, framework, womb, structure, model; enclosed, enveloping, surrounding.

measurement the determining of quantity.

multiplication counting "in equal groups." The process of forming a whole from equal groups.

part a component of the whole. A fragment, fraction, section, portion, region; a piece broken off.

percent literally, "for each 100," "parts per hundred," "how many for each hundred."

proportion literally, "according to amount." The relation of one part to another or to the whole; relative size. Comparison, analogy, balance, symmetry.

ratio a comparsion of two numbers by division.

subtraction counting "how far apart two numbers are" and "how much is left." The process of removing a part(s) from a whole.

whole undivided. The one composed of the many. That which can be broken-down into parts. All of the quantity under consideration.

zero the number that counts none. That which has no parts.   

- Larry Martinek


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