How To Throw Your Own Pi Day Party

Feb 28, 2015


Here at Mathnasium, our love for math is like pi – irrational, constant, and infinite in scope.

This year we're celebrating a truly exciting once-in-a-century Super Pi Day! On March 14th, 2015 at 9:26:53 a.m./p.m. Pi will be displayed to 10 digits around the US.

What better way to celebrate this momentous day than by throwing a Pi Day party for your friends, family or students? Here are a few tips for Pi-tastic party!


Pi Themed Snacks

It's important to fuel your partygoers' love for Pi with some appropriately circular and Pi-adorned snacks. For the main course why not serve Pizza Pi? Bonus points for making your pizza with a π in the center. 


You can offer up healthier fare and still make it all about the Pi. Just check out this π veggie tray!

Satisfy your party goers' sweet tooths with - what else? Pie! 

(images via Mathnasium's HQ Pi Day Party 2014)


Pi Games and Activities


Pi Piñata

(Image via Mathnasium of Summerlin)

Who doesn't love a good party piñata smashfest? For a tutorial on making your own Pi pinata (like our Mathnasium of Summerlin center owner Dan Saposhnik, pictured here), head over here!


Birthday Pi Hunt

(Image via Mathnasium)

Did you know Pi Day is also Albert Einstein's birthday? Find your own slice of birthday pi using this birthday pi search from PBS, then have your partygoers compare to see who's birthday is closest to the beginning (and Einstein's birthday). Then find out who's birthday is the farthest along in the digits of Pi.


Pi Digits Competition

(via Mathnasium's YouTube channel)

Test how many digits each partygoer can recite, rewarding the longest recitation with a fun prize (see below for ideas). Check out this video of our own Mathnasium mathlete Abigail reciting a whopping 258 digits of pi!

If you need a quick reference guide to check your contestants' recitation, check this out.


Circle art

(image via Momgineer)

Cut out circles of different sizes and have your partygoers calculate the circumference and surface area of their circles, and then encourage them make their own art using circles. See whose artwork has the biggest accumulated surface area, and vote on the party favorite. For fun circle art ideas, check out Momgineer's blog!


Pi Bracelet

(image via Momgineer)

Your partygoers can make their own Pi bracelet, using different colored beads, and they can calculate the circumference of their wrist using the string for the bracelet. To see this π-tastic fashion in action, head over to Momgineer.


Favorite Pie Graph

(image via

Have your Pi partygoers vote for their favorite type of pie. Find the percent of people that voted for each type of pie. Calculate the percent of 360 degrees for each “slice.” Make a pie graph of the results. Then reward hard pie graph work with a slice of pie!


Pi-Themed Prizes

All of the above activities could be competitions, with Pi-themed prizes for the winners. Here are a few fun and inexpensive Pi Day prizes!

Pi Cube Tray available here
Pi Cookie Cutter available here
"Pi-rate" Mug available here
Pi Necklace available here
Pi Spiral Necklace available here
Pi T-shirts available here


Pi Day Countdown


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