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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

David Loveland, Center Director/Owner

David holds professional teacher certifications for secondary mathematics in Florida and Virginia. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Science degree in  Industrial Engineering. After working as an engineer for a few years, David joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Malawi as a math, commerce and world history teacher. During his time there, David fell in love with teaching and, upon returning to the US, earned his Master's Degree in Mathematics Education from Northern Arizona University. David has over 20 years of experience teaching mathematics at every level from 6th grade through AP Statistics and Calculus. He lived and taught on a Native American reservation, at international schools in Malaysia, Brazil and Angola and here in Florida before deciding to open his own business. As the owner/director of Mathnasium of Boca Raton, he is able to use his years of classroom experience and insight to continue to help students in a more personal, one-on-one approach. David has lived all over the world but is now happy to call Boca Raton home with his wife and two young children. 


Eric A. - Instructor

Eric has a degree from the University of Miami with a double major in Biology and Economics. He has always had a passion for mathematics and science and was his high school valedictorian. In high school and college, Eric was the one classmates always turned to for help with homework and preparation for exams. He is planning to pursue further education in psychology and mathematics. Eric gets along great with kids as he is an AFOL (an Adult Fan of Lego), with an avid affinity for anime…and alliteration. Believing it is essential to exercise the mind, body, and spirit, Eric enjoys building model kits, solving puzzles, weightlifting, and teaching.

Paulkey F. - Instructor

Paulkey has a master’s degree in computer science from University of Maryland, worked as a software developer and tester for 10 years and has been teaching math in high schools and middle schools for 15 years.  He has always been a popular teacher in schools, and he teaches math in ways that make it easy for students to understand. He enjoys playing tennis and is always on his bicycle, riding to the local stores and to his favorite fast food restaurants.

Eric T. - Instructor

Eric is a Senior at Florida Atlantic University, majoring in Mathematics. He hopes to go on to Grad School to study mathematical modelling.  He believes that math is beautiful, and that conveying that beauty to students is the best way to inspire a love of math. His other interests include cooking, travelling, game criticism, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Eden L. - Instructor

Eden is a student at the University of Miami, studying math and environmental science with a secondary education teaching certification.  Eden has spent many summers traveling abroad with different community service groups. Her favorite volunteer experiences have been working with children in small villages. Eden loves math because she believes it just makes sense and she enjoys being able to share her knowledge with students of all ages.  

Hannah R. - Instructor

Hannah is currently a theatre major at Dreyfoos School of the Arts and is aspiring to major in mechanical engineering at University of Florida in coming years. Her favorite parts of math are using logic to solve different equations and factoring in algebra. As the oldest sibling in a family of 5, Hannah is very comfortable teaching younger students and loves to interact with others. She also plays travel lacrosse and participates in the plays in her theatre department- both as a technician or an actor. Hannah is proud to be able to have the opportunity to inspire her love of math in others.

Emma T. - Instructor

Emma is a recent mathematics graduate of Florida Atlantic UniversityCurrently she is pursuing both a cyber security certificate program and mathematical research at the same university. She hopes to continue on to graduate school and to continue to pursue research. Emma enjoys the beauty and creativity that can be found in math and the puzzles that it exploresShe finds it rewarding to help students build an understanding of concepts that works for them and is glad to help students use their own ways of learning. Her other interests include computer science, reading, Taekwondo, and drawing.

Brandon Y. - Instructor

Brandon is a senior at Florida Atlantic University, majoring in mechanical engineering. He graduated magna cum laude from FAU High School in May 2020. In 2019, Brandon led an FAU HS student research trip to the Galapagos Islands, where the team studied the effects of human interaction on the native sea lion population. Their scientific paper is expected to be published this summer. Brandon is hoping to earn his master’s in environmental engineering and pursue a doctorate degree.

Katrina D. - Instructor

Katrina is a dual-enrolled student at Florida Atlantic University and FAU High. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences and a Minor in Mathematics with hopes of attending medical school. Katrina has, since a young age, always had an affinity for math. She was "the tutor of the class", as she loves assisting others in seeing the beauty of math. She continues to pursue math as a passion, and enjoys spreading the opportunities and skills that come with understanding mathematics. Outside of school, Katrina is very driven in terms of social activism, being the founder of three separate organizations that spread awareness and provide resources in areas such as educational inequity in South Florida and environmental activism. She also enjoys learning languages, watching anime, discovering music in new genres, nail art, and reading novels.

Luke F. - Instructor

Luke is a senior at Spanish River High School who is planning to study Mathematics and Finance next year at university. Luke has always enjoyed tutoring his peers and interacting with children of all ages, as he currently volunteers teaching coding skills to children for a local non-profit. He has always been passionate about math, as he is the current President of the Math Club at his school and is always excited to share his enthusiasm and knowledge for math with others. When he's not crunching numbers, you can find Luke playing video games, solving rubix cubes, or on the golf course.

Joseph W. - @Home Instructor

Joseph Wilkinson is a first-year student at the University of Florida. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in mathematics. He has always had a passion for math and teaching others, and he even volunteered with math honor society in high school and earned an officer position. Outside of school, his hobbies include rock climbing, volleyball, and chess.

 Allison F. - @Home Instructor

Nick N. - Instructor

Arianna J. - Instructor

Patrick M. - Instructor