Creating a Suitable Learning Environment

Apr 6, 2021 | Brampton South

Learning from home can be difficult because there are many distractions that draw students away from their work. In talking with some of our students, these are three ways that you can help your child focus and stay motivated at home.


    The first tip is to help your child establish a routine. Routines including waking up on time, brushing teeth, and having breakfast before class can help your child feel more normal and put them in the mindset of going to class. Our high school students feel that having this sense of normalcy helps them to feel more awake and ready to learn.


    The second tip is having a bright, and clear work space. I personally enjoy working where there is lots of natural light. I feel that it is better for my eyes and helps me feel energized. It is also helpful for your child’s work spaces to be free of clutter so they can better focus. 


    The third tip is having a quiet space. It can be difficult to have quiet if you have many children, especially young ones. If possible, it can be extremely helpful for your child’s productivity to have even 2 hours of designated quiet time.  


    This has been a very difficult school year for students and parents trying to learn online or in hybrid situations. When I was having a difficult time in school, something I appreciated as a kid was taking a break and spending time with my siblings or parents. Watching movies, cooking, doing crafts, or playing outside together can let your children recharge and encourage them.


~Cianna Choo