How to Teach Your Child to Love Learning!

Sep 23, 2023 | Chilliwack

Each of us came into this world actively learning. Absorbing information through all our senses, familiarizing sounds and touches, and learning to expect outcomes. Babies are inquisitive, toddlers are too, yet somehow during our human development, our interest and curiosity seems to dim. When was the last time you saw an adult stop and stare at a ladybug climbing up the stem of a dandelion? published an article saying, "When a sample of adults were asked if they loved learning in school, most answered that the worry of getting the answer right and doing what the teacher expected (and later passing a test) took the joy out of learning."

Fear of failure doesn't have to steal the joy of learning for your child. When a student learns in an environment that doesn't shame mistakes, but encourages effort, that student's love of learning stays protected.

"Learning is not just teaching children to the standards. It is a process, a series of experiences that lead to the great 'aha!' moments of life." Ellen Booth Church

Renowned early childhood educator Lilian Katz spoke about the need to change the teaching emphasis from an 'industrial model' of outcomes based on the standards to 'standards of experiences' that all children should have. She went on to say that “these standards of experiences need to focus on engaging children in investigating worthwhile topics that provide experiences that are intellectually challenging, that give children a sense of belonging and relationship, and that ultimately encourage children to have confidence in their own intellect. If we 'rephrase the goals of education,' we can help children learn how to lead a satisfying life." Read more here.

Mathnasium of Chilliwack loves teaching math to students all over Chilliwack, including Sardis, Vedder, Promontory, Rosedale and Cultus Lake! Our approach to teaching isn't dictated by a deadline or a testing standard, we teach for understanding - and it garners fantastic results! Our students who also attend nearby schools Sardis Secondary, Mt Slesse, Promontory Hts, Unsworth and Greendale as well as quite a few homeschoolers, are seeing real, tangible results in their math understanding. We see lots of "Aha!" moments each day!

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