Fun Math Costumes for Halloween

Oct 16, 2018 | Collingwood

Halloween is almost here! Are you looking for some costume inspiration this year? Look no further — we've rounded up some of our favorite math-related costumes! 


Pumpkin Pi

It's the time of year when we add pumpkin to everything - why not 
dress up like a Pumpkin π?
(image via Shermane King)

Super Pi

Superheroes + π? Yes please! 
Don't forget your cape and headband for a truly epic Super Pi costume.
(image via



Snakes on a Plane

What a pun-tastic take on planes!



Haunted Homework

Our Mathnasium students are never afraid of math homework or tests, but you're sure to scare someone with this Haunted Homework costume from Costume Works





(image via


Who knew graphing calculators could be so cute?
(image via zombiecharlesdarwin)
Take your textbook along to show how you use your calculator in real life!
(image via Bayli Palmer)

Rubik's Cube

Love math puzzles? Dress up like one of our favorite brain-busters—the Rubik's cube! 
Design Nerd has instructions on a DIY Rubik's cube costume - check out their tutorial for tips on making your own cube costume.
(image via DesignNerd)

Möbius Strip

The Möbius strip is a surface with only one side, one boundary component and no fixed orientation. With some clever fabric manipulation, you can make your own Möbius costume. Head over to MY Studio to learn more about this Möbius dress!


Why not give a shout out to your favorite number by becoming it for Halloween?
(image via


Count von Count from Sesame Street
A true math celebrity, the Count always finds a way to bring any conversation back to counting. Make sure to brush up on your Count facts, such as his favorite number. (It's 34,969, by the way. According to the Count, "it's a square-root thing.")
(image via Frogstar)

The awesome folks at Mathnasium of West Knoxville love to celebrate Halloween with a "Halloweenie Roast," where they roast hot dogs and dress up in math-related costumes. Check out their amazingly clever pun-tastic costumes:


Doro-Theorem and Her Little Dog Total

Who better to explain complex math theorems than Doro-Theorem? 
Total is standing by to help!


Trigonometry and traffic signs — what a clever costume!


Need geometry concepts explained? This knight has you covered! 
He's also the star of a fun children's book series about math.


Infant-ity explains the concept of infinity so well, even a baby can understand it!

The Numberjack (with his X- and Y-axes)

The Numberjack is prepared to graph on the go with his X and Y axes strapped to his back!
Here's another look at the West Knoxville team in costume, including Sir-CumferenceMiss Calculation, the Verticle Lion, the NumberjackA Ten Gent, and Doro-Theorem.