Making the Best Choice for Math Tutoring

Jan 28, 2020 | Country Hills

We all know that using a math tutor can be very beneficial to your child’s success in class. Building a solid foundational knowledge will cement their future attitude towards the subject and reduce potential frustration down the road, but with so many options to choose from, which one is best for your child?


While there are many options to choose from, Mathnasium and Kumon are among the most popular so we’ve taken a closer look at how they stack up.


There are a few key features we used to evaluate the programs:

  • Individualized plan
  • One to one support
  • Regular, consistent sessions
  • Flexible schedule


When choosing a math tutoring centre, considering these important factors will ensure your child has the best opportunity for a successful experience.


Individualized Plan

The most important element to look for when seeking a tutor is an individualized plan. Your child is an individual with different learning styles, needs and ways of connecting. The tutor you are considering should always provide an assessment to determine these needs and then use this information to design a specific program tailored to your child.

Mathnasium instructors use a unique assessment process to design a personalized path for each student. Kumon centres have a curriculum designed to be implemented as a child is oriented in to the program.


One to One Support

Equally important to having an individualized plan, one to one support makes a huge difference in learning outcomes. Students learn from those they trust and can build a connection with which makes one on one sessions a must have. A great tutor will get to know your child, building a relationship that allows them to feel secure and comfortable, which is what creates space for deeper learning to take place. They should also have a strategy to incorporate fun and rewards for the student to work towards. Tutoring should feel like a fun way to reach challenging goals and your child’s instructor can do that with a reward system and various support materials.

The Kumon program has your child working on two lessons per week in the centre, with homework lessons being done individually. Mathnasium recommends that all learning is done with the instructor, who will also provide homework support so the student leaves their session feeling empowered to complete their school assignments. The Mathnasium reward system has also shown to be an excellent motivator to students and keeps them wanting to come back for their sessions each week.


Regular, Consistent Visits

Another critical component to a great math tutoring program is consistency. Attending a tutoring centre 2-3 times per week is recommended for the best results because it allows your child to learn, process the new information and then come back to it routinely until a new topic is mastered. Regular tutoring sessions give children the comfort of knowing that they have support when school work is difficult or somewhere to be challenged when it is too easy. Consistency also fosters trust and builds the relationship needed to help your child succeed.

While Kumon lessons are completed 7 days a week, the student works with the tutor at a centre twice a week. Mathnasium sessions are designed based on your child’s needs and typically 2-3 hours of instruction time in centre are recommended.


Flexible Schedule

Families are busy and the key to having regular, consistent visits is a centre with a flexible schedule that fits your families needs so be sure to check this detail before committing to a program. Hours vary, but we did find that Mathnasium is usually open 5 days a week, including Sundays, while our local Kumon centre is open 3 days per week with one day being Saturdays

On a final note, we also found it was important to choose a program that is designed specifically to focus on math skills. Subject matter expertise is an important differentiator between many of the tutoring options available and Mathnasium is one of the few that focuses exclusively on math.


Tutoring is an important commitment for your child’s learning outcomes. Choosing the right centre to partner with can seem daunting, but we’re here to help. Mathnasium instructors are specially trained in The Mathnasium Method which incorporates assessments, customized learning plans and caring instructors who teach. Our Centres offer a flexible schedule that suits your families needs and we set up regular weekly visits to maintain consistency. We’re here to make tutoring a positive experience for you and your child - call us today to learn more!