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May 20, 2022 | Crowfoot Blog

Make it a Mathnasium summer; invest in your path to A+ math! Advanced students can jump-start next year's math course. Rising Star students can review, master skills, and avoid the dreaded summer slide (2-3 months of brain drain). Does your ..

How Do You Know If Your Child Needs Help With Math?

Apr 6, 2021 | Crowfoot Blog

Math is not a subject that is naturally intuitive - it requires teaching, strategies and conceptual understanding. If your child has trouble with the foundations of a topic, they will not understand the additional concepts that are built off of the knowle..

How To Help Your Child With Math Homework

Jan 28, 2021 | Crowfoot Blog

There are some key ways to know if your child is having difficulty with math and may need some additional help. Their overall attitude towards math, school or their teacher may change. They may put off completing homework and if it has gone on long enough..

Making the Best Choice for Math Tutoring

Jan 28, 2020 | Crowfoot Blog

We all know that using a math tutor can be very beneficial to your child’s success in class. Building a solid foundational knowledge will cement their future attitude towards the subject and reduce potential frustration down the road, but with so ma..

Still Worried About Recent Budget Cuts to Alberta Schools?

Jan 23, 2020 | Crowfoot Blog

Still Worried About Recent Budget Cuts to Alberta Schools? Here’s Why You Should Be   As school resumes after the holiday break, many parents are left wondering how the recently announced budget cuts will affect their child’s cla..

Happy Pi Day!

Mar 14, 2019 | Crowfoot Blog

March 14th is the annual π (pi) day celebration. The day corresponds to the first 3 digits of pi, 3.14 which is why it is celebrated on the 14th day of the third month (3/14). The number pi has been used since 250 BC when Archimedes created an algor..

Early Childhood Math

Feb 28, 2019 | Crowfoot Blog

Math is more than just addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Most math skills are so intuitive to adults that you might not even think of them as belonging to the same category as algebra or trigonometry. Kids start learning math much earli..