Do's and Don'ts of Math

Jan 23, 2020 | East Regina
One Major Math Tip Per Grade Level

Do check to see if your child:

Second Grade: Is “fluid” with single–digit addition and subtraction.

Third Grade: Can find half (1/2) of even and odd numbers.

Fourth Grade: Knows times tables “by heart.”

Fifth Grade: Can order fractions using benchmark numbers.

Sixth Grade: Is able to mentally calculate percents using “friendly” numbers.

Seventh Grade: Is able to convert fractions to decimals to percents.

Pre–Algebra: Can effortlessly add and subtract positive and negative

Algebra: Is able to solve simple equations “by inspection.”


1) Don’t let your negative experiences in the math classroom influence your child’s education.

2) Don’t let your child use a calculator until the child has developed genuine Number Sense.

3) Don't let your child be put in a math class that the child is not ready for, that is, a class where the child does not have the prerequisite knowledge necessary for success in the class.