Mar 14, 2020 | Hamilton Mountain

Dear parents of Mathnasium of Hamilton Mountain,


We are taking the health of our students and instructors very seriously.


What we do to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  1. Feeling unwell. If your child is feeling unwell, coughing or sneezing, we do kindly request that they stay home to recuperate.
  2. Check-in.  We check students in ourselves, instead of each student themselves.
  3. Spacing. We sit students in every other seat to keep them further from one another.
  4. Hand washing. Every student washes hands when they enter and when they leave. Instructors wash hands upon arrival and every hour.
  5. Tables. Tables are sanitized before and after each session.
  6. Pencils. Students are given a pencil to keep in their binders.
  7. Sanitizing. We are frequently disinfecting high-touch surfaces, such as chairs, door handles, light switches, and binders.
  8. Games / Manipulatives.  During this period, we will not be using games or manipulatives.
  9. Employee flexibility. No matter what the illness, no employee should come to work with a fever, coughing or sneezing. We will find ways to allow employees to care for sick family members if they are well but need to care for those at home.
  10. Remote tutoring. Mathnasium@home is an alternative to in-center tutoring and is available as Mar-16 -2020 (see details below)
  11. Memberships. We will continue to be understanding and comforting to parents during these uncertain times. If parents are unable to participate in Mathnasium@home, we will put students on hold during this time without any penalties.



  1. Student can receive Mathnasium tutoring remotely via Mathnasium@home:
    1. is delivered by our instructors from our Centre over the Internet
    2. is available to every Mathnasium student at no additional cost
    3. provided at the same cadence (2-3 one-hour lessons or 2 ninety-minute lessons)
    4. uses the same Mathnasium curriculum
    5. provides help with homework
    6. powered by the reward program
  2. To learn more watch 3 short videos -
  3. If interested, please contact me at 365-366-6284 or 905-599-2161 to get more details
  4. If you would like to switch to Mathnasium@home please book onboarding session here
  5. You can switch back to Mathnasium in-centre later at no additional cost


We need your help!

Controlling a number of students in the Centre at the same time will allow adequate spacing between the students. Effective immediately please let us know when your student will take Mathnasium in-centre or  Mathnasium@home lesson -  (password – 314)


3-week March Break

  1. We are open (Mathnasium in-center and Mathnasium@home) during 3-week March Break
  2. This is THE best time to catch up with math! No school, no homework, just a daily bit of math!
  3. To add some excitement, every student who attends (Mathnasium in-centre or Mathnasium@home at least 8 times during 3-week March Break from March-16-2020 to Apr-6-2020 gets 5 full reward cards!