Mathnasium in-centre and @home

Mar 17, 2020 | Hamilton Mountain

Dear Parents and Gardians,


In-centre sessions

At Mathnasium, the well-being of our families is always our first priority. In accordance with the suggested Canadian health guidelines, we are stopping our in-centre sessions as of today, Tuesday, March 17. We anticipate to re-open in-centre sessions on Monday, April 6.



In the interim, we continue working with students via Mathnasium@home. You can learn more at Mathnasium@home will be available next Monday, March 23. Please call/text me at 365-366-6284 or email [email protected] to get started.


Compensation lessons

Two weeks of free tutoring is applied to your account. This credit is in addition to “4-week vacation compensation” and can be used at the end of your 6-month membership.


Stay healthy and safe!


As always you are welcome to speak to me anytime if you have questions or concerns.




Alex Khassanov,

Mathnasium of Hamilton Mountain


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