Test Advice from Evan

Nov 13, 2020 | Hamilton Mountain

We asked our instructors what advice they have for studying and test taking so we could share their wisdom with you. Here is Evan's advice:


  • Do ALL homework leading up to a test (especially for math).
  • Ask teachers any questions you may ahead of time, not just the day before a test.
  • Write down, repeat out loud, or test yourself with formulas, key terms, or important notes.


Test Taking:

  • Use your calculator for anything you can. When taking a test, it is easy to make silly mistakes. What is important is that you get the correct answer.
  • Allocate as much time as you can to checking over each of your answers thoroughly. Use all remaining time.
  • Do not be afraid to ask your teacher a question. Often, they will give a little bit of insight which can help you greatly.
  • Never skip a question, write something down. Even if you do not know, you can write formulas, steps, or a sentence or two.
  • Be sure to stay focused. Getting distracted can easily take your mind away from the path that leads to a full, correct answer.