Test Advice from Nikita

Dec 22, 2020 | Hamilton Mountain

We asked our instructors what advice they have for studying and test taking so we could share their wisdom with you. Here is Nikita's advice!


  • Create Concept Maps to visualize how ideas/topics are related to each other.
  • Mixed Practice: Instead of solving problems chronologically (in the order they were learned), practice by creating a heterogeneous combination.
    • By mixing hard and simple problems, brain can retain and problem-solve more effectively.
  • Teach others: Math is best learned by explaining and demonstrating the problem-solving approach to others. It also helps identify your own gaps.


Test Taking:

  • When you get the test, take five minutes and quickly read over all the questions. This primes your brain to start thinking about the questions.
  • Instead of solving problems in order, start with the ones that you are confident you can do perfectly.
    • Gradually move towards difficult questions
  • Always read the question and re-write the given key numbers/facts. Note any formulas that may apply.
    • Show all your work in your solution and box final answer so it is clearly visible to your teacher.
    • If your handwriting is messy, label your steps: Step 1, Step 2 to allow teacher to follow your work.
  • Ask questions to clarify instead of making assumptions about what the question is asking.
  • Allocate 10 minutes to review and check your work.