The Importance of Tutoring - New Perspective

Feb 9, 2023 | Killarney

It is difficult to estimate the exact proportion of students who use tutors, but in North America it is estimated that some 20-25% of students use some form of tutoring. In some countries like South Korea, China, Japan and Singapore, the proportion is much higher. Tutoring is considered to be a common supplement to regular education. 

When we look at international math performance, we can use PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) to see the top 2 positions in math performance are Japan and South Korea. While many countries are not evaluated, it is clear that there is a focus on supplemental education like math tutoring in Asia which could be a contributor to its high performance on the international stage.

As university entrance requirements become increasinly competitive, families are also seeking the "Get Ahead" and "Excel" parts of the Mathnasium program where we advance students accordingly. One of our most recent advanced students came in with an average of 90-91% but is now at a 97-98% in math which we are all proud of.

Watching how our math tutoring makes students more confident, we know that not only does our program work, but it is changing lives through math. Let's take a new perspective on tutoring so that when we are getting help, we acknowledge it's a form of regular self-development. After all, isn't there something everyone wants to get better at?