Questions of the Week March 20th to 24th

Mar 23, 2017 | Leaside

Lower Elementary:

Question: A baby T-Rex weighs 3 pounds when it hatches. After a week, it weighs 6 pounds. At two weeks, it weighs 12 pounds. At three weeks, it weighs 24 pounds. If the pattern continues, how much will the baby T-Rex weigh when it is 5 weeks old?


Upper Elementary:

Question: A paleontologist found five triceratops nests. The first nest had 12 eggs. The second nest had 14 eggs. The third nest had 12 eggs. The fourth nest had 16 eggs. The fifth nest had 21 eggs. What is the average number of eggs in a triceratops nest?


Middle School:

Question: A pterodactyl’s wingspan is 30 feet. Its height is 6 feet. If a twelve-year-old kid is 5 feet tall, then how wide would their “wingspan” (the length from fingertip to fingertip with arms spread out) be if it were proportional to that of a pterodactyl?


Algebra and Up:

Question: The Pachycephalosaurus was a dome-headed dinosaur that fought by running into its competitors head-first like a bighorn sheep. If two pachycephalosaurs run toward each other, each traveling 30 miles per hour, from a quarter mile apart, then how long will it take for them to collide?