Summer 2024: Forget math or forge ahead?

Apr 16, 2024 | McKenzie Towne

July and August are not usually months we associate with learning academic subjects. To most of us, they represent being AWAY from school and learning.

Researchers have observed that during these summer months most students forget some of what they learned at school, especially math skills. You see that in sports skills, too: without regular practice, you lose part of what you once had. It takes time to get those back.

Compounding summer learning loss, students who struggled in their math skills at school find themselves behind even more when school resumes. Skill gaps don’t disappear on their own. They need coaching and work to overcome those gaps and gain proficiency.

That’s why Mathnasium’s summer programs are helpful for students. We provide a stress-free learning environment for your child to catch up, stay proficient, and forge ahead in their pursuit of math skills over the summer break from school. An assessment is used to develop a learning plan, customized to your child’s specific gaps. Students can have sessions with our staff on days and times of your choosing within our summer instructional hours. No need to change your vacation and holiday activities.

During the months of July and August, our Summer Sessions Program provides 6 sessions discounted over 30% – that’s a great deal and not a large time commitment. If they use up the sessions and want more, you simply re-enroll them again. Also, starting June 1 through July 31, we are fully discounting registration fees: you only pay the program fees.

All students can have math sessions in person at our Centre or on-line using our video conferencing platform, Mathnasium@home. Some have chosen to have sessions remotely from a camp site, resort hotel, cruise ship, or while sitting in their backyard!

Younger children can have math instruction as part of a full morning of Camp Mathnasium, including STEM activities and fun learning games. Camp runs each Monday through Thursday morning from July 8 through August 15, except for the August 5 holiday. Sign up for individual days that best match your child’s availability. Camp Mathnasium costs $40 per morning per student for the first 4 days, then $30 per morning per student after that.

Book a day/time to bring your child in for an assessment (no cost, no obligation). See which math topics they need help in and sign them up to get it.

Children forget math when not practicing those skills over the summer. Support them to forge ahead in understanding math in ways that make sense to them, whether catching up or preparing for next year’s challenges. They have time for fun and relaxation BUT leave some room for confidence-building in math.