Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Larry Martinek

Chief Instructional Officer (Headquarters)
Larry has spent his entire career finding a better way to teach math. From the inner city to public schools, to acclaimed magnet schools, to leading private and parochial schools, Larry has served as both a classroom teacher and an educational consultant. He has designed curricula, teaching strategies, and teaching materials designed to help students and teachers learn math more effectively. He has trained teachers in the art and science of boosting students' ability to "do" math, thereby increasing students' math scores and feelings of self-worth. Larry is the developer of Mathnasium's educational program - one of the most comprehensive and innovative curricula ever produced for teaching math.


Administrative Assistant/Instructor
Meira is a third-year student at the University of Toronto who is currently completing a double major in Political Science and English. Meira hopes to pursue a degree as a Criminal Lawyer. Working at Mathnasium is rewarding and fun as she gets to witness first hand the progress of the students. She loves to organize events and fun interactive actives in the centre to create an enjoyable atmosphere for the students to make their session visits at Mathnasium more fun. When she gets the chance, Meira also enjoys teaching the younger students! Meira loves to welcome the students, parents and guests everyday. As well as provide support for the instructional team for smooth operation.


Senior Instructor
Hoda is a third-year university student working towards earning a bachelor's degree in medical radiation sciences. She is looking for a career in radiology; more specifically her career goal is to become an MRI specialist or a cardiac sonographer. Hoda enjoys teaching math because she believes it teaches students to think analytically and look for solutions to problems. Mathnasium enables students to develop logical and critical thinking skills, which she believes are valuable traits to have. Aside from studying and teaching math, Hoda enjoys baking her famous cake pops and she loves to paint Arabic calligraphy. Hoda’s favourite math joke is: why wasn't the geometry teacher at school? Because she sprained her angle.


Senior Instructor
Maaz is a first year student persuing his Major in Computer Science and Minor in Business at Wilfred Laurier University. Maaz is passionate about Graphics Design, Building computers, Working with Computers, and so much more. In his free time, Maaz loves to play video games, play soccer and basketball, volunteering at organizations, and helping the community in whatever way he can. He is passionate about Math and loves how you have to put puzzle pieces together to figure out the question. His goal is to help others succeed after seeing Mathnasium help him succeed as a student. He was also a student at Mathnasium for four years, before moving to the other side of the table. Maaz loves to tell jokes especially about Math, like "Who is the inventor of Fractions? Henry the Eighth" Eighth get it?


Shiuli is currently a third year student at McMaster University pursuing a Bachelor of Sciences with a specialization in Neuroscience. Shiuli also loves to paint, volunteer, and play the guitar in her free time! She loves math because numbers allow us to look at the world from many new perspectives as there are so many real-life applications to math! She believes that Math is everywhere from cooking delicious food to even making music. Through Mathnasium, she hopes to pass on her love for math to her students in a way that makes learning fun and enjoyable while also learning how we can use numbers in our everyday lives. Shiuli's favorite math joke is: "I saw my favorite Math teacher holding some graph paper. I think they're plotting something!


Senior Instructor
Omran is a third-year student at Toronto Metropolitan University working towards a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He is looking for a career in civil engineering. Omran is very fond of Math because it is objective, in contrast to many other subjects. Every issue has a straightforward solution and depending on how you answer it, you might be correct or wrong. There are no ambiguities. Omran chose to teach at Mathnasium because he enjoys teaching students how to think analytically in a fun way as well as pass down his love and passion for math. Aside from teaching, Omran likes to play sports, and play video games. Omran’s favorite math joke is: “How does a mathematician plow fields? With a pro-tractor”


Maha is a second-year Biological Sciences student at the University of Guelph. She is passionate about the sciences and how it can explain all things around us. She has always enjoyed math and loves teaching it to others, especially through fun, interactive and engaging ways. She believes math is an essential part of life, and that every student should have the opportunity to understand mathematics. Through Mathnasium, her goal is to help students conceptualize math and learn to enjoy it in different ways. When not studying, Maha enjoys reading novels, skateboarding, and annoying her little sisters! Her favorite math joke is: “There are three kinds of people in the world. Those who can count and those who can’t.”


Arwa is a first year Nursing student from McMaster University. She is passionate about helping others, inspiring their improvement, and being a support system during tough times. Arwa is currently implementing these principles by volunteering weekly at the hospital. In her free time, Arwa is a henna artist who does creative designs. She loves reading and enjoys watching different tv shows. Arwa chose to work at Mathnasium because she adores math and loves being able to teach people foundational math skills in a fun and encouraging environment. She loves being able to work with children and aims to show them how math is everywhere! She is determined to assist whoever requires assistance and hopes to be able to help out whoever needs it. Arwa’s favorite math joke is: Why did the student do multiplication problems on the floor? The teacher told him not to use tables.


Abdullah is a second-year student who is currently studying Life Sciences at McMaster University. His goal is to work in the health sector after receiving a graduate degree. He is very active in the community and enjoys organizing and participating in events. His favorite hobby is playing soccer as well as watching it. Abdullah loves math because it feels like a nice workout for his brain. That said, the feeling of figuring out the answer to a long mathematical question is what makes him so excited about the subject. Mathnasium has a unique way of teaching math, which made Abdullah eager to learn their method and teach math to children in the simplest way possible. His favorite math joke is: why did the math book look so sad? Because it had too many problems.


Senior Instructor
Peter is a first-year student studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Peter hopes to persue a career as an Electrical Engineer who designs Electrical Circuits. He enjoys anything electrical! Peter also enjoys learning anything and everything about Mathematics, including calculus and linear algebra. Peter enjoys teaching math because of its simplicity, logic and consistency. He likes to help students to reach their full potential and make math fun and easy using various concepts and mathods. Peter enjoys the fact that there is so much to math and there are millenia of topics that have been studied throughout human history, which makes math feel endless! When Peter is not teaching he likes to spend his time outdoors! He especially likes to hike, ski, canoe and go camping. Peter's favourite math joke is: "Why was the trigonometry teacher sent to jail? Because they had too many sines".


Kingsley is a second-year student studying Health Sciences at McMaster University. He is highly passionate about teaching and strives to help all students achieve their academic goals. At Mathnasium, Kingsley is able to further his passion for teaching in an environment that shares his values. As an individual who believes in a holistic approach to teaching, Kingsley recognizes the importance of mathematics across all disciplines of study. In his experience, learning mathematics not only provides students with the practical knowledge needed for various fields, but the learning strategies developed through mathematics also enhance their ability to work through novel problems in the future. Aside from teaching, Kingsley enjoys spending time with friends, playing volleyball, and keeping up-to-date with the latest Star Wars lore. Kingsley’s favourite math joke is: What was R2D2’s only calculation error? Thinking his volume was r squared times d squared.


Ghazia is a fourth-year Health Science student, majoring in Medical Sciences and minoring in Psychology at Brock University. She aims to complete her Masters in Psychology and seek a career in clinical psychology and/or psychotherapy. Ghazia possesses a strong passion for teaching mathematics to children as the subject in specific provides students with various critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are useful for real-world challenges. Ghazia knows that mathematical proficiency can boost a students confidence and academic performance. At the same time, teaching math allows her to help students see the beauty in mathematical patterns and understand the process of breaking down complex problems. In her free time, Ghazia enjoys working on various art projects that involve sketching realistic objects and painting abstract art. Her favourite math joke is: What did the calculator say to the student? You can always count on me!


Hiba is a first-year students at McMaster University, passionate about business. Her goal is to excel in the field of business and make a positive impact with her expertise. Hibachi enjoys simplifying math concepts, making them fun and easy to grasp. she believes in making math not just understandable but also enjoyable for everyone she teaches. When Hibachi is not teaching, she loves the greta outdoors, from hiking to camping. She is also a cooking enthusiast! Hiba's favourite math joke is: Why did the student wear glasses in math class? To improve his di-vision!


Rayyan is a first year student currently persuing a double major in Computer Science and Business. Rayyan aspires to start a career as a programmer or a developer, and is also trying to start his own business! Rayyan enjoys teaching math and working with all our Mathnasium Mathletes and strives to ensure that all students reach their fullest potential in mathematics. Rayyan loves math because it is like solving a series of puzzles, each one more intriguing than the last, and when you finally crack it, there is a sense of satisfaction that is hard to beat. During his free time, Rayyan likes to read books and play sports. Rayyan's favourite math joke is: Why was the equal sign so humble? Because it knew it wasn't less than or greater than anyone else!


Ammar is hoping to persue a degree in Computer Science and Math at McMaster University. He aspires to develop a career in Computer Studies as a Programmer. Ammar likes math because it allows him to critically think and problem solve, he especially likes teaching math because he belives that all students should reach their fullest potential in Mathematics! Ammars hobbies include soccer, muay thai, and entrepreneurship. Ammars favourite math joke is: Why did the kid need to wear glasses? Because he needed to improve his di-vision!


Syed is a third-year student at Sheridan College working towards earning a Finance and Marketing degree. His career goal is to become a corporate controller or a CFO. Syed enjoys teaching math because he believes it enables students to analyze problems outside of their comfort zone and to think critically for suitable solution. Syed believes that Mathnasium is a key component for all students as it helps them understand various math concepts and use those concepts in their daily lives. Syed's hobbies include playing soccer and hanging out with his friends. Syed's favourite math joke is: How do you make a seven even? You subtract the "S"!


Riz is persuing an Undergraduate Degree in Physics and Astronomy at either the University of Toronto or University of Waterloo. Riz hopes to work towards a career in research or at a space agency and further persue his PhD and become an Astrophysicist. In his free time, Riz enjoys playing and listening to jazz music as he is a clarinet and saxophone player! He also enjoys participating in math contests. Riz enjoys working at mathnasium because he belives that math should be made fun for all students! Riz' favourite math joke is: Why did 7 eat 9? Because you're supposed to eat 3^2 meals a day!

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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