4 Warning Signs Your Child May Need a Math Tutor and How You Can Help

Nov 23, 2018 | Oak Ridges

Math is rarely a child’s favorite subject. Although this is common, most children are able to learn the ins and outs of mathematics through repetition and their classes. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There may be time when a child will struggle understanding mathematical concepts with just classes and self-study. In such cases, hiring an experienced math tutor may be the best course of action. A good math tutor will not only help your child understand the current math lesson, but she will also be able to instill an appreciation for math that will help make learning future content easier.

The key here is identifying the need to call a tutor before your child becomes traumatized by their current performance in math class. Getting your child the help he or she needs early on will reduce frustration and prevent a loss of self-confidence. Pay close attention to your child and try to see if you notice any of the following signs:

Spending Way Too Much Time on Assignments

You should have a relatively good idea of how long it takes your child to finish homework. If your child has been taking much longer than before to complete math homework, they may be struggling with their lessons. Try sitting down with your child and help explain their lessons to them. This will help you identify where exactly they are struggling and so the tutor knows where she should start.

Lying about Tests and Homework

Children who have a hard time understanding their math lessons may feel the need to start lying about their tests and homework. This can range from lying about whether they have homework or to hiding test grades from you. This behavior isn’t brought about by them wanting to lie to you, but rather they don’t want their low grades to disappoint you.

Feeling Anxiety over Going to School

Children who struggle with math may not feel up to going to school every day. This is especially true if they are the only ones who seem to be struggling in class. These children may suffer from anxiety issues or even pretend to be sick just to avoid going to school.

Decrease in Being Available for Study Time

Sometimes, parents need to take on more commitments at work or in the community. This can result in less available time for you to sit down with your child during study time. This may lead to lower grades since your child doesn’t have anyone to explain their lessons to them. If your child is used to having you around during study time and you can no longer commit that extra time, it may be a good idea to pass off study time to a respected tutor.

If you notice any of these signs, sit down with your child and have a heart-to-heart conversation. Make it clear that asking for help in math is not a sign of weakness. You’ll also want to make it clear that you are there to help. Try something along the lines of, “I’ve noticed you’ve been having a hard time with math. How can I help you understand your lesson better?” When your child responds positively to your offer for help that is the time you suggest getting a math tutor.


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