Heath & Safety Precautions At Mathnasium Of Oakville South

Oct 1, 2020 | Oakville South

As many of you already know, we now have many safety measures in place at the Centre, including limiting the number of students we will accommodate, until further notice.


Our Centre has been sanitized thoroughly by professionals when the Centre was closed, literally from top to bottom.


Here are many other things we will be doing differently with social distancing measures for the safety of our students and Instructors:



  • Everyone is required to have a mask on (mandatory) while at the Centre. Instructors will also have added face-shields, when needed.


  • Students/visitors who are not feeling well will not be allowed in the Centre.


  • All students and visitors' temperature will be taken with a thermal (non-touch) thermometer at the entrance. Students will be asked to go home if they show signs of a fever.


  • All sessions will have to be scheduled to control the number of students at the Centre. No drop-ins will be accommodated.


  • We also have have installed heavy duty and tall plexi-glass barriers on student tables and front desk and the office area.


  • We have added HEPA Air Filters to both of our Centres. This will not only help through COVID but other viruses, and airborne allergens as well.
  • Parents will not be allowed to enter the Centre for pickup or drop-off unless they have a pre-booked appointment with the Centre Director.


  • We will limit the number of students set by the government and Health & Safety Boards. Currently, the students will be seated 1 per table with 1 Instructor.


  • As always, the tables and even the barriers will be sanitized as soon as students leave, before seating the next student. Binders (from the completed sessions) will be sanitized as soon as possible.


  • Instructors will be required to sanitize or wash their hands thoroughly, more frequently now.


  • Hand sanitizers will be more readily available, including at the entrance and the student tables.


  • All students will be asked to sanitize their hands or be directed to wash them as they enter the Centre, before grabbing their student binder.


  • We will be monitoring the usage of washrooms. However, it should be only used if it's extremely necessary during the sessions.


  • Water dispenser will remain available but students are expected to bring their own bottles to refill.


  • Snacks from the rewards cabinet will be removed (for now) to prevent students from snacking during the session.


  • Every student will have his/her own pencil and eraser stored in his/her binder.



We are also taking side measures (when needed) for any visitors coming by appointments. Plus as a side note, we are also accomodating students through our Mathnasium@home teaching platform.


As always please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.


Let the learning continue and the students progress at the same rate as before!


Thank you.


Mathnasium Of Oakville South - Management