New Program Offering: Great Foundations

Oct 31, 2020 | Pickering

Mathnasium's newest program Great Foundations is an early childhood program which aims to introduce practice and basic math skills & concepts to younger students (JK, SK, Grade 1) without formal expectation of mastery.  It is primarily developmental and builds a foundation for future math learning.  Great Foundations builds awareness of math topics and enhances mathematical ability.

The program blends the five modalities of learning:  mental, verbal, visual, tactile and written as appropriate.  The intended audience are students who are too young for the regular Mathnasium program.  Great Foundations provide the first introduction to counting, halves, shapes, addition and subtraction before there is an expectation of mastery, also for older students who struggle with Mathnasium Numerical Fluency materials.  Great Foundations is also suitable for students who haven’t completed the first two thirds of grade one.

We have referral incentives for existing families.

Contact us for an evaluation and further details?.