Mathnasium of Pickering - Low Risk for COVID-19

Nov 1, 2020 | Pickering

Mathnasium of Pickering Learning Centre was audited by Durham Public Health and based on the COVID protocols that have been implemented, we are assessed as a low risk environment.  Here is a listing of some of the things that have been implemented.


  • Everyone in the learning centre has to wear a mask (Instructors wear safety goggles and masks)
  • Disposable masks are available if someone enters without a mask
  • Students do not sit directly across from each other
  • Students facing the direction of another student although not directly across from each other and are 13ft apart 
  • Students do not sit directly next to each other and are at least 5 feet apart (at the side)
  • Instructors are advised to sit at the end of the table when instructing.  This will ensure 4ft-5ft away from the students
  • Learning centre seating capacity reduced from a maximum of 30 concurrent students to maximum 10 concurrent students
  • All hands are sanitized upon entering the learning centre
  • All tables and chairs are sanitized after a student leave
  • Binders and pencils are sanitized
  • Manipulatives are sanitized
  • Games table closed
  • Parent waiting area closed
  • Water fountain turned off
  • Door handles are sanitized daily
  • Washrooms sanitized
  • Deep cleaning (disinfecting and sanitizing) done at the end of every week
  • Temperature checks - Coming Soon (for instructors and students)