Brag Board Winners for February 2024

Mar 11, 2024 | Southland


Congratulations to the February 2024 Brag Board Winners at Mathnasium of Southland 👏

What is a Brag Board winner? And how does one become a Brag Board winner?

A Brag Board Winner is an individual who, over the course of a month, completes the most mastery checks for their level, and earns the right to “brag” about their progress and success at Mathnasium. A student can become a brag board winner through:

Attendance commitment: Research shows that frequent and consistent math sessions take the information from short term to long term memory, which reinforces concepts. At the same time, regular attendance allows for increased progress, as it enables students to complete more work. More work done means more Mastery’s complete.

Mastery’s completed: The Mastery Check is the final page of a prescriptive that student’s must do on their own to demonstrate proficiency in a concept. This final page is like a mini quiz to test for understanding and retention. Complete several of these Mastery’s in a month and you can “brag” too.

Prescriptives completed: A prescriptive is a small package of material based on one key part of a concept that students work through to practice and reinforce the patterns of the concept. Prescriptives are created based on the assessment needs of a student and form the overall learning plan. Areas of weakness in an assessment are taken into consideration when selecting a prescriptive to meet the needs of the weakness and to meet the student at their level. Prescriptives range from 8 -25 pages of work and are scaffolded from easy to gradually more difficult problems to solve. The final page of this package is the Mastery Check.

Levels of competition: Brag Board winners are selected by levels based on grade. The levels we choose winners from include lower elementary (grade K-3); upper elementary (grade 4-6); middle school (grade 7-9); and high school (grade 10-12). Students are only competing within their grade level.

Becoming a Brag Board Winner requires frequent attendance and progress through the materials. Those who work hard to complete their learning plan prescriptives are rewarded with 5 cards, which they can use to trade for gifts of their choice.