Can your child love math?

Feb 10, 2021 | South Surrey

Can children learn to fall in love with math? Like, really?

In a recent study, 88% of students questioned said math was their least favorite subject. Their reasons were:

1. Feeling frustrated because they didn't fully understand a topic or concept.

2. Feeling embarassed because they didn't remember what they learned.

So, can kids learn to love math? Actually, the answer is yes. Turns out there is a lot to love about math.... for instance:

  • Here at Mathnasium of South Surrey, we LOVE our successes, especially when they are hard-won. When a child has an "aha!" moment, we get pretty excited :) The student gets pretty excited too. In fact, according to the Goldsmiths University of London,  A student's brain releases actual dopamine (a feel-good nuerotransmitter) after solving a complex math problem. 

A Mathnsaium parent recently noted, "Our child enjoys going, and is feeling more confident in her math skills. Thank you for making it fun, and making her feel successful." -L.W.

We all love feeling successful!!! 

  • Mathnasium of South Surrey LOVES to create life-long learners. In school and in life, success often depends less on how much we know and more on how much we want to learn. That's why our specially-trained Mathnasium instructors teach their students to enjoy the learning process.

In a popular book, "Developing Talent in Young People'' we read, "World-class artists, athletes, musicians and scientists typically had an early coach or teacher who made learning fun and motivated them to hone their skills." The more the students enjoyed learning, the better they performed from elementary school to college.

Mathnasium of South Surrey is ready to help your child learn to LOVE math. Soon, you might be saying just what this parent did:

"Finally, my son loves math. THANK!" -M.O.